Internship with SuiteLife!

Are you looking to gain experience in the workforce? Marketing, real estate, video production and web design internships in Barcelona with SuiteLife are opening up. Come join our team! [caption id="attachment_3770" align="aligncenter" width="550"]Internship in Barcelona with SuiteLife! Image
SuiteLife[/caption] SuiteLife is a real estate company that has evolved into much more. Besides renting and selling flats, we also provide services for people who are moving to Barcelona in order to make moving and setting up their new home as easy as possible. We currently have a blog that covers all topics under the moon about Barcelona and real estate. SuiteLife is always looking for new and innovative ways to market our brand and get our name out to potential customers. It is imperative to us that we give our customers prompt, friendly, and professional business. “SuiteLife S.L. is a real estate and service company that specialises in helping foreigners, both professionals and masters degree students, with above average spending power, to find apartments in Barcelona. They act as relocation agents and a "full service" real estate company. Additionally, it provides other services to make their move to Barcelona as seamless as possible.”

Marketing Internship

While having a marketing internship in Barcelona with SuiteLife, you would be doing many things. You would contribute to our blogs with new ideas. The thing our current interns love about the blogs is that they can make them their own- they come up with their own ideas so they write about topics that interest them as well as our audience. Also, our marketing interns control our social media by writing and managing posts on a variety of sites. When intriguing posts are created, the interns generate more website traffic for SuiteLife’s flats and blogs we have to offer. Along with blogs and social media, the marketing intern will also gain experience in generating Key Performance Indicator(KPI) spread sheets. As being one of our interns, we hope to both enrich your experience in the industry as well as have you bring out-of-the-box ideas to SuiteLife.

Real Estate Internship

Having a real estate internship in Barcelona with SuiteLife, you would be doing less marketing jobs. Tasks such as answering the phones, calling clients, scheduling showings, and much customer service is required. That being said, someone whom is bilingual with English and Castilian would be preferred. If you are someone that wants to gain experience in the real estate industry, being an intern for SuiteLife is perfect for you.

Video Production Internship

Having a video production internship in Barcelona with SuiteLife, you will be creating videos about Barcelona and real estate. In the past, SuiteLife has made videos about different beaches, neighborhoods, buying/selling tips and much more. If you are someone that has experience in video production, creativity, and bringing new ideas to the table, then SuiteLife wants you! Check out some of our past videos!

Website Design Internship

Having a web design internship in Barcelona with SuiteLife requires more experience in the field than the other internships. Knowledge of all aspects of web design is recommended. We are always trying to optimize our website, blogs, flats, and traffic on our website, so any ideas to help optimization of SuiteLife is always up for discussion. No matter what type of internship in Barcelona with SuiteLife you have, the whole team helps with posting, updating, and taking down listings from a variety of different real estate websites. SuiteLife’s members are young, exciting, and driven to grow the company so it makes for a positive work environment. There are endless opportunities with any of these internships and the sky isn't even a limit for SuiteLife. If you are interested or have further questions, you can email us or submit an application here. These internships are unpaid, but have many advantages that come with them. We look forward to talking with you! Thanks, The SuiteLife Team Internship in Barcelona with SuiteLife! Image

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