Why Rent A Holiday Apartment in Barcelona Instead of a Hotel ?

If you're wondering whether to book a hotel or rent a holiday apartment in Barcelona, here are some stellar reasons as to why self-catering Barcelona apartments are all the rage: Why Rent a Holiday Apartment in Barcelona? Image

1. Live as a 'local':

We can't stress this enough: Barcelona is a weird and wonderfully eclectic and beautiful city. Each neighborhood (check out our Barcelona neighborhood guide) has it's own charm and by staying in a Barcelona vacation apartment you'll get a much better idea of what it's like to live in the city, just like a local! If authenticity and truly experiencing the feel of a city is your style than don't book a hotel!

2. More character:

There's no doubt about it, the sterile sameness of hotel rooms can get a tad monotomous. Barcelona vacation apartments often are oozing with character and charm, from exposed brick walls, to lovely sunny terraces, to gorgeous Catalán style vaulted ceilings, if you are a fan of interior design and architecture, booking a self-catering apartment in Barcelona is the choice for you! Why Rent a Holiday Apartment in Barcelona? Image

3. Cook your own meals:

If you're looking to save a bit of money on your vacation or if you're just a completely shameless foodie like us, there is nothing better than having your own fully stocked kitchen while on vacation. Have the flexibility to eat out or in and the treat of being able to cook some of the local fare on your own! Here's an idea, stop by the Boqueria Market, one of Europe's largest working markets, grab whatever tickles your fancy and come home to make your own Spanish/Catalán feast! Talk about experiencing the city! Sometimes you just need a home cooked meal, even on the road. Why Rent a Holiday Apartment in Barcelona? Image

4. More spacious and comfortable:

This one's a no brainer. Hotel rooms in Barcelona tend to be a small box of a room just big enough to fit a bed. In a Barcelona vacation flat, though you generally have a lot more room and comfort. Why Rent a Holiday Apartment in Barcelona? Image

5. The price:

The price of a Barcelona holiday apartment is usually considerably cheaper than a hotel room. Of course that is not always the case, but there is a lot more variety in terms of price/value with apartments and it's easier to find one that will fit nicely with whatever your specific requirements are. For instance, if you're traveling with a family or a group of friends you'll likely be much more comfortable with the amenities in comparison with a traditional hotel. We love Barcelona so much it comes oozing out of us! Checkout all our holiday rental apartments in Barcleona and our Barcelona Bible Blog in order to get lots of great insider info on this amazing mediterranean city. Enjoy! ~Benny

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