The 10 Craziest Properties in Spain: Number 4 Will Shock You!

These are the most insane properties currently in Spain

1. Crazy Home in Mallorca

This 790-square-meters house in Mallorca, Spain is a crazy renovation of a Mediterranean villa from the 1960s. You would never have noticed that huh? More than a renovation, the architect wanted to make this house luxury and really contemporary. [caption id="attachment_3092" align="aligncenter" width="575"]

Credit:[/caption] This house is highly sustainable, off-the-grid, gives an amazing sense of space and place, experiences new technologies (in terms of construction) and is extremely original by its design and decorated box buildings (as you can see on the picture). My thoughts: I really like the fact that we can’t imagine that house used to be different and classic.

2. The Sunflower House in Girona This new house stands out for its unusual geometry and its cliff top location. The cubic boxes which made the shape of the house were put like that to catch as much sunshine as possible based on an extensive study into daylight. Each cube has one side in glass highlighted by thick black frames in contrast to the white color of the whole house.

The house responds perfectly to the challenges of the Catalonian nature: it was built on the cliff which is prone to a strong wind in Spain: the Tramontane, with gusts of up to 180km/h.

Concerning the interior of the house, it is totally focused on the views out to the Mediterranean, on to France and the Cabo de Creus National Park which are visible from all three top-floor bedrooms. The lowest floor comprises an open-planned living, kitchen and dining space but activities are well defined by the cubes. The living space is double height and unites the two floors with its full-height glazing.

My thougths: Sun and incredible views, what else?

3. The Schizophrenic House in Alforja

This 330-square-meter residence located in rural Spain and whose ground floor seems like it is a greenhouse because of the metal and plastic actually provides separate summer and winter lodgings. In fact, it is split in two different parts to provide seasonal quarters.

The ground floor is openable and meant to be used only in summer and the first floor is for the winter. The flat roof provides a second terrace for the warm months.

In that house we can totally live only in one of the two floors because each floor has its own kitchen, lounge and bedrooms. The two floors are completely different in term of atmosphere: the “summer floor” has the open frame for the pleasure of the warm season and more industrial materials were used whereas the “winter floor” is really traditional and cozy with wooden doors and a vaulted brick ceiling.

My thoughts: If you want to spend holiday at home instead of traveling, like the people who requested this house, this could be the ultimate solution!

4. Gaudiesque House on the Cliff in the province of Granada

This house was made following a request from a couple who chose a difficult plot on a hill with a 42-degree inclination. The house was made as a cavern to match with the incredible landscape around it and benefits from the ground constant temperature of 19.5°C all year.

A cavern? Yes but with breathtaking views on the Mediterranean Sea and a metallic roof worthy of the greatest architects! That house has two floors: the ground floor is composed with a large terraced living area following the mountain, connected with a swimming pool and the first floor has rooms that have viewpoints above the roof.

My thoughts: I find it amazing, it is almost totally hidden in the rocks and the roof perfectly follows the mountain slope to fit perfectly in the landscape!

5. See through house in Baleares

[caption id="attachment_3102" align="aligncenter" width="800"]

Credit: Jean-Luc Laloux, Eugenio Pons[/caption] This house designed by a Belgian company of architects is made for people who like big spaces and a magnificent huge view on the sea! [caption id="attachment_3103" align="aligncenter" width="800"]

Credit: Jean-Luc Laloux, Eugenio Pons[/caption] The architects created a house almost entirely transparent, perfect for relaxation: an amazing rooftop pool accessible by a simple white staircase, amazing views on the nature and landscape and a minimalist design. [caption id="attachment_3104" align="aligncenter" width="800"]

Credit: Jean-Luc Laloux, Eugenio Pons[/caption] My thoughts: If I were living in this house, I would watch the sea all day long while being in the pool!

6. Rehabilitated old stone wine cellar in Galicia

This house has been used for storing wine, meat and spirits and also for providing a sheltered place for keeping both livestock and straw but the architects (Cubus Architectura) rebuilt the interior and create a residence with 3 bedrooms, secluded terraces and a living room.

They wanted to create a new interior while respecting the original volume of the house to keep intact its integration into the environment. To do that, they empty the corner to generate light and they ventilate well the inside of the house.

The house is partially buried on the side that face the road that’s why there are no windows on this sight of the house; it remains luminous thanks to the two large rooftop openings.

My thoughts: I love the “surprise effect” of that house. When you see it from outside, from the road, you would never imagine the interior to be like that!

7. House on the edge of the forest

This house in entitled Casa El Bosque because of the pine forest which surrounds the property. Natural stone, weathered steel and Afrormosia wood were used to build this house. The house has 4 “wings” with distinct functions. The central hallway is connected to the two wings housing the master suite and the other bedrooms while the living room, the kitchen and dining areas are in the two other wings. Casa El Bosque | House El Bosque by Ramón Esteve Estudio from Ramón Esteve Estudio on Vimeo. The main living areas have full-height glazing and sliding doors which open onto the terrace and there is an additional covered dining space connected to the kitchen and main dining room. The features of the house are totally incorporated to it for example the ceiling of the living room continues outside to cover a lounge facing the pool and also a tall wall marking the transition between the indoors and the outdoors space incorporates a chimney for the fireplace! My thoughts: I like the fact that the house was built mainly with natural materials such as stone and wood and that it is combined with steel details, louvered screens and window surrounds which completes the house.

8. IV House in Alicante

This house located in a hot and humid climate and barren landscape was marked by a long period of design and building. It consists of a home that already exists in the center of the field, with undefined surroundings, bad quality spaces and no relationship between inside and outside.

The house has a low and white scalloped roofline which influences the atmosphere of the house by bringing curious shadows inside. There is an abundance of natural light in the house also thanks to the glazed doors open out onto the patio which by the way gives access to the site’s tennis court.

The architects wanted to separate the lived spaces of intimate spaces using the topography, vegetation, solar orientation and visual and their purpose was also to create a comfortable environment with high quality details and a huge material palette (polished ceramic flooring, red brick, white painted walls…). My thoughts: This house stands out of its rural landscape, in a good way!

9. Crossed House in Spain’s Murcia region

This concrete house has an incredible upper floor: it is out from the lower floor by 10 meters with an amazing view on the mountains!

The reason the house is called “crossed house” is because the two floors are pivoted 35 degrees from each other that’s how the upper floor can be 10 meters out of the lower one. The idea of the architects was to separate the upper and lower floors, the ground floor houses a living space, the garden and the pool and the first floor has a big bedroom block.

Contrary to the exterior finishes which have a rough texture, the interior is cozy and smooth with a lot of wood.

My thoughts: This house is really crazy! It looks like two construction toy blocks that are so easily handled!

10. House on the Cliff in Alicante

[caption id="attachment_3117" align="aligncenter" width="784"]

Credit: Diego Opazo[/caption] This big white house (by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos) has a gorgeous 18-meter-long balcony with a view on the Balearic Sea. The house is made with concrete for the entire structure but the walls were coated in stucco for the white aesthetic and the interior is also completely white! [caption id="attachment_3115" align="aligncenter" width="468"]

Credit: Diego Opazo[/caption] The idea was to contain the house in just one level, which was a real challenge because of the steepness of the plot but the architects try to minimize the earthwork! Living rooms and bedrooms are in the upper storey (which is the only interior level of the house) and offer panoramic views through a glazed façade whereas the pool is on the lower level, on an already flat area of the site. [caption id="attachment_3116" align="aligncenter" width="468"]

Credit: Diego Opazo[/caption] My thoughts: The architects made an incredible work with this house on the cliff, I think it is perfectly integrated into the landscape! I really hope you enjoyed reading about the craziest properties in Spain... Tell us which property fits you the best, or if you know of other crazy houses in Spain, in the comments!

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