Barcelona Real Estate Investment Profile: Riereta

“The next crisis is coming and people aren’t prepared.”

These are the words of Riereta’s Managing Partner and real estate expert Noah Laith. Riereta is a Barcelona real estate investment firm, with investments in and around Barcelona, but also in UK, Croatia and Thailand.

Their main business is buying distressed assets to buy-and-hold or buy-and-rent, but over the last year they have seen a huge appetite from investors to understand what is happening in a bull market that has been going up for the last 10 years and thus has branched out into investment education via Crisis Investments Bootcamp.

Barcelona Real Estate investment

Noah Speaking at Baby Bathwater event in Croatia, June 2018

“My goal is to increase people’s financial awareness, to make them understand how crises work and how they can prepare and thrive in them. To teach them how they can create safety and security for themselves and their families.” Explains Noah

“Many people believe that if they don’t have a lot of money, they can’t have a Plan B but this simply isn’t true. No matter what assets you own, even if you don’t own any, everyone can and should have an escape route.”

Throughout his 20 years in real estate and private equity in Europe, Africa and Asia, Noah has built up an extensive knowledge of how to source and fund undervalued deals without using any of his own capital, as well as how to secure his assets from, and prosper during, the turmoils of the market.

In Crisis Investments Bootcamp Noah passes all these tried-and-tested processes and knowledge onto the bootcampers, so that they too can build, manage and protect their assets even during a crisis without making the same mistakes that many others so often do.

One of his favourite topics to teach is about gold. “I hate buying gold, but I do because of the anti-cyclical nature of the commodity. You should always have at least 6 months of cash and gold hidden away, and I don’t mean in the bank.”

Barcelona Real Estate Investment

Riereta’s most recent renovation project

To you and me this might sound crazy: to have 6 months’ worth of cash and gold stashed underneath our mattresses, but the advice comes from experience. When Noah was just 5 years old, him and his family had to flee war-stricken Bagdad. “The only things we had with us were our clothes, which my mother had sewn gold into. This helped us start our new life in Europe.”

For Noah this experience spiralled into a vital need to protect himself and his family, since this could happen to anyone, anywhere, no matter how safe people think they are.

It allowed him to view business from a different perspective- one of safety and security rather than risk- and so helped him turn Riereta into the high-returns, investment boutique that every investor wants a piece of.

More than that, investors actually come to him and his team asking to teach them how to do what they do. And so the Bootcamp was born.

“Attendees of the bootcamp are usually intuitive, real estate focused people” he explains, “so it’s a great chance to network with like-minded, influential people who you can learn from and perhaps even become project partners with.”

Barcelona Real Estate Investment

Noah announcing his book with his childhood hero Brian Tracy, May 2018

To learn more about the bootcamp, head over to their website:

Keen to find out more about Riereta and Noah’s own business journey? Make sure you watch this talk Noah gave at PIC Canada

You can even get a 15% discount on tickets for their next one in October by using the code “Suitelife”.

So, would you like to learn about the smart ways to make money in real estate without having lots of savings? If so, then Noah’s bootcamp is for you. Just your first investment could already change your life. We’d love to hear from you in the comments and there will be a more in depth blog coming soon about the bootcamp experience.


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