Contemporary Barcelona Architecture: Barcelona's Architecture Has Always Been Contemporary

Architecture in Barcelona should really be in a class by itself and just be called Barcelona Architecture; no need to add modern, gothic, contemporary or the likes when referring to architecture in Barcelona. Prior to winning any world cup or facilitating any discovery Spain had already mastered Architecture… in Barcelona. Just to clear the air here: contemporary and modern architecture are not always twins. Contemporary architecture is pretty much anything new on the scene and modern happens to be a time period:  the one that introduced the absence of “stuff” sometime around 1920. And by stuff I mean… Contemporary Barcelona Architecture Image
And by absence I mean… Contemporary Barcelona Architecture Image
So technically, modern architecture was once contemporary. :)  It also just so happens to be that in today’s time what is new is clean lines, thus consider contemporary architecture today an upgrade of modern arcmhitecture. #Whew! Ok now that that’s over... …So I have been here in Barcelona for almost a week. Naturally, being someone highly interested in Art and Architecture I was pretty excited to get here. Spanish architecture is notable (of course this is no discovery), especially for the undoubtedly timeless pieces that you will experience walking down any street of Barcelona. Look up for heaven’s sake! Contemporary Barcelona Architecture Image
I have to say though, the thing that peaked my interest the most, trekking down the streets and, of course even just arriving at the Barelona Aeropuerto, has got to be just the sudden outbursts of contemporary modern looking architecture every now and then. An aside:  architecture is not just an entire building; it is all the elements that make up the building. The best part about these sudden visions is that they totally fit in! I will show you: Contemporary Barcelona Architecture Image
Do you see how the architects really captured being able to move forward without leaving the rest completely behind? Barcelona architecture is an embracing one - one of progression and not rebellion. That is why architecture in Barcelona is always one step ahead… or at least never lagging behind. So then, I decided since contemporary pieces were what sparked my interest most; let me really see what Barcelona architecture has to offer in that category. Wow! Can we say 10 blogs minimum?  I decided I was going to head down to Poblenou Barcelona, which is an entire contemporary Barcelona barrio on its own, with or without a clue how to get out of a lost situation. Yikes! Made it to Poblenou and getting lost was definitely more of an ‘angels on harps’ moment than a ‘yikes’ moment for sure. Here are a few of my ‘contemporary I had no idea existed Barcelona architecture’ captures: Contemporary Barcelona Architecture Image
Contemporary Barcelona Architecture Image
Yes, yes I know … where are the famous pieces you ask write my paper for me? Even though pictures do not give these works of contemporary art and architecture the magnificent credit they deserve, I decided to take a few anyway. Here goes: [caption id="attachment_18863" align="aligncenter" width="538"]Contemporary Barcelona Architecture Image
L’Auditori by architect Rafael Moneo[/caption] Contemporary Barcelona Architecture Image
Contemporary Barcelona Architecture Image
Teatre Nacional de Catalunya by Ricardo Bofill a midst L'Auditori and Torre Agbar. Below is the Torre Agbar by Jean Nouvel [caption id="attachment_18867" align="aligncenter" width="369"]Contemporary Barcelona Architecture Image
Torre Agbar in Poblenou context[/caption] [caption id="attachment_18868" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Contemporary Barcelona Architecture Image
Torre Agbar detail[/caption] Does the Agbar tower really seem reminiscent of a geyser? Failed in concept I would say but definitely a great navigation system for a lost new comer! When in doubt, look for La Torre Agbar! Last but not Least is the MediaTIC Edificio that was designed by the architectural team at Cloud 9 led by Enric Ruiz-Geli. This building epitomizes contemporary architecture definitely by Barcelona architecture standards. It represents progression by its highly digital design, the inclusion of sustainable architecture and by its use. I would have to say it was definitely an unexpected surprise hidden way behind the rest of the Poblenou magnificence. Form does follow function! Contemporary Barcelona Architecture Image
[caption id="attachment_18870" align="aligncenter" width="225"]Contemporary Barcelona Architecture Image
MediaTIC detail[/caption] Until next time! Besos! Melissa

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