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What's up gorgeous people! I am back with another blog for our amazing Gay Barcelona - Series! These series is all about giving you the ins and outs of the not-so-hidden gay scene in Barcelona. And this blog will be about where are the best gay clubs in Barcelona, but the places will be less.. Well let's just be gay-forward about this one; less sexual, as my previous blog. Best Gay Clubs Barcelona: Keep it in your Pants Image
You had a rough week, right? And you just want to Shake It Off on Taylor Swift, or you just want to Applaud yourself for getting through this horrific week with Lady GaGa. Well yeah, I know that feeling. You just want to dance. Dance all freaking night and just have fun with your friends. You just don't feel like having that 30 year old bear staring at your ass all the time. Well I have found the solution just for you. Gay clubs where the old men barely come. Where it is filled with young guys just like you. Where it is completely up to yourself if you want to get some action that night or just want to shake your booty. Best Gay Clubs Barcelona: Keep it in your Pants Image
Okay the first one on the Gay Barcelona - list is actually one big club. The Fairy GodGay of the 'normal gayclubs'; Arena. However, Arena has three different buildings / rooms / venues, and they are all different. The three of them have different atmospheres, different music, and it differs every night as well. Therefore no night will ever be the same! Anyway, I'll just make it easy for you and pretend they are 3 different clubs. Like they actually are. But. Yeah, well, you get my point. All the Arena clubs have a 6 euro entrance fee on fridays and a 12 euro fee on saturdays, but once paid, you can switch between all the Arena clubs. And you can get a free drink with the entrance card. So it's worth the money, I'd say! And they all stay open 'till 6! Yay!

Arena V.I.P. / Dandy

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This club is definitely my favourite. It has two separate floors, the top floor's music is pretty much the same as the bottom one, but it has more oldies; Touch me here baby won't you kiss me there? But they say that the top one is more for the straight people. Well, I gotta burst your bubble there for your daydreaming of hooking up with that straight guy, because it is just as gay. More gay than straight at least. Isn't that what gay clubs are for? If you are looking for a more clubby, current-top-of-the-charts Ariana Grande mixed with Katy Perry music, then the bottom floor is more your style. In my honest, humble opinion, the bottom floor has more of a partying vibe than the top one. But that might just be because I like the bottom's (haha) music more. You know what, you go check it out yourself. I'm not telling you wether to go top or bottom, it is up to you what you like most from your own experience! Arena V.I.P. is located at Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 593. Take the metro to Universitat, take the exit to the plaza. And follow the big road to the right. You'll see it within 5 minutes!

Arena Madre

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Arena Madre is the next stop on our Gay Barcelona - list. Arena Madre is like the 'mother' of the arena clubs, as the name states. However, in my honest opinion, it is not. But that's only because I like V.I.P. the most. It's smaller as well. But, if you are really into the whole Dance / Trance / Techno Music, this place is definitely something you want to check out. Oh and every now and then, some reviews state that they might have striptease every now and then, but I still have to experience that. But stripteases can't be that bad, right? I'd say that the average age in here varies from 20-30. With the most being around 25-ish. The people are neat, the service at the bars is pretty quick, so it's really worth it to visit this club sometime if you're into a dancy mood. But if you really want to scream along with Beyoncé, you should get back to Arena V.I.P.!

Arena Classic

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Arena Classic is our third and last of our Arena sistahs on our list and is a place I still have to go to myself, so I can't give you the whole personal atmosphere experience explanation kind of thing, so I'll pass on what my friends have told me about this place. Arena Classic is right next to Arena Madre. They both have somewhat the same music. So it's pretty much the same as Arena Madre. The age group is about the same as well. So the only thing I can tell you to do, is to just check it out yourself. Maybe we'll see each other this weekend! Arena Madre and Arena Classic are both located at C/ Balmes, Eixample, number 32. If you see one, you'll see the other!


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Razzmatazz: Okay, I know, Razzmatazz is not a gay club. But Razzmatazz has a 'unofficial' gay room, and that's why the stepsister made it to our Gay Barcelona - List! To start off, Razzmatazz is HUGE! There are so many rooms, so many different kinds of music. You can dance your night away on Electro, HipHop, Dance, Trance, Pop music. Like anything is possible and available there. But I know what you came here for to read. It is a Gay Barcelona blog after all! Well the 'unofficial' gay room is the one where the most pop music is being played. (Makes sense, a lot of gays just like to scream along.. Guiltyyyy!) So if you are up for a challenge for trying to hit on someone, try this one out. Making it difficult for yourself every now and then has is always fun! But this is definitely a place where you can have an awesome night out. Trust me, it'll be great! Razzmatazz is located at Carrer Almogàvers, 122. Just take the metro to Bogatell or Marina and it'll be a 5/10 minute walk from there. And remember fellow gay human beings, always, ALWAYS be safe. Whatever happens, no matter how much alcohol / drugs. Please. Be. Safe. But if something did happen, please check out this blog on how and where to get yourself checked up! Best Gay Clubs Barcelona: Keep it in your Pants Image
So, my beloved butterflies, this was it for today! Please drop a comment below if you want to share your experiences, and let me know if I made you have an amazing night! Have a fabulous gayday! So long, gay boys! ~Tjeerd

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