Barcelona Sights - One Of The Greatest Things to Do in Barcelona !

There are an endlessly fascinating amount of Barcelona sights that will appeal to people with a whole range of passions and interests. There are so moany ways to experience Barcelona sights ranging from simple walking tours to Segway tours and even more. Whatever floats your boat, there are almost certainly tours in Barcelona that can help you indulge in your interests. Stuck for ideas on what to do in Barcelona? Check out our guide to some of the best tours in Barcelona which range from the unusual to the 'little bit different' to the outright cool specifically handpicked by us! Enjoy! Barcelona Sights – Many Ways To See Them! Image

Bicycle tours

Not the most riveting tour on the list, but nonetheless a really nice way to see Barcelona sights. Most of the tours tend to last around 3 to 4 hours and their are plenty of companies who offer bike tours around the city. Surprisingly, you cover a lot of the city in such a short time and bike tours prove to be a lot more relaxing than you'd expect (less strenuous than walking tours for sure!). Tours on average cost around the 20 Euro mark which is good value for what you get (as with everything it does depend on the company!). Our favourite bike tour in the city is with the aptly named Barcelona Bike Tours or 'Un Cotxe Menys-Bicicletes' (as they're known in Catalan), who offer bike tours all year round (everyday from 11am to 4.30pm) at Plaça Jaume. The company offers a daily tour in English for anyone to join but also offers tours for groups (private and for businesses) which can be delivered in a variety of languages and tailored individually to the group. Being one of the organisations instrumental in transforming Barcelona into the bicycle haven that it is today, their commitment to making their city more environmentally friendly is obvious and they are also a founding member of the Associació BiciTours Barcelona. Even today, they play an active role in the tourist scene in Barcelona and continue to promote cycling initiatives in the city. Barcelona Sights – Many Ways To See Them! Image

Go Car Tours

For someone who is not from the most tourist orientated city, this is one tour that most certainly surprised me when I came to Barcelona! In a nutshell, Go Car Tours are small yellow open-top cars with a built in navigation system which talks to you and teaches you about the Barcelona sights as you drive past them. The Go Cars don't just offer a standardised tour and are not remote controlled. You actually drive them yourself! The tours offer a variety of themed tours from a Camp Nou tour, Olympic Barcelona, Barcelona Highlights and an All Day Tour to name but a few. The tours are also available in a range of languages and also offer tours for individuals and groups. Prices start at around 19 Euros per hour, but they also offer regular promotions too. The only thing prerequisites are that you have a full driving licence. Give it a go! Barcelona Sights – Many Ways To See Them! Image

Cooking Tours

There is simply no better souvenir to take back home with you than knowing how to cook typical food from the place where you've visited. It's a gift that will not only impress your friends and family, but will also remind you of your trip forevermore. Thankfully, you're in Barcelona, which is renowned for it's culinary offerings. If you're a cooking amateur there are some top quality cooking schools in Barcelona who typically offer a really great selection of classes to unlock the inner chef within you and get you acquainted with just how amazing Spanish cuisine really is! One such school is Barcelona Cooking located on the Ramblas. Taught by professional chefs, a variety of classes are on offer from a half day cooking class with the option of getting a tour of the Mercat de la Boqueria, a tapas class, a tour of some of the best Spanish/Catalan food shops in Barcelona and more. They also offer customised classes for corporate events and groups. Even better is the fact that all the ingredients are local and organic and support the producers, so you'll have the opportunity to taste and create authentic Spanish/Catalan food. As a guide, a half day class costs around 78 Euros. ¡Buen Provecho! Barcelona Sights – Many Ways To See Them! Image

Barcelona by..........speedboat!

Once in the middle of Barcelona, it's easy to forget that you're near the sea. But an excellent way to not forget is to hop on a speedboat and tour the length of the coastline and take in the skyline of the city. Although you won't hit the big sights, it's still a pretty cool way to see the city. Xmax Speed Boat Tours offers these tours and each tour takes around 50 minutes starting at Port Vell up through the Port Olimpic and to the Port Forum where they spin around and come back. Prices are 12.50 Euros and less for children and run only from April/May to November For something a little more slower paced, Las Golondrinas offers slower paced boat tours along the Barcelona coast. They are undeniably the experts in boat tours in Barcelona and have been involved in Barcelona boat tours since 1888 and explores the history and sights of the Barcelona coast. They offer two different tours - one of the Port Vell area and a 1 hour, 30 minute tour which covers 18 miles of coastline and gives you amazing views of some Barcelona sights! Prices are around 12/14 Euros depending on the tour you take and tours start from the Colom Statue at the bottom of the Ramblas or at Port Forum. Naturally, some trips cannot take place due to the weather so it's worthwhile checking beforehand! Barcelona Sights – Many Ways To See Them! Image

Hot air balloon tours

Ok, this isn't technically in Barcelona and you probably won't see any Barcelona sights but this is still an amazing thing to do while you're here! Ballooning offer a number of trips even including some which even cross the Pyrenees mountains into France! But a trip in a hot air balloon comes at a price - an average of 150 Euros per person! If you're out to impress and money is no object, then this is a perfect way to see the Catalan countryside surrounding Barcelona. Barcelona Sights – Many Ways To See Them! Image

And the list goes on!

These are just the tip of the iceberg on what to do in Barcelona in terms of tours. There are tours for almost any interest. A great company who offer tours tailored to almost any theme are My Favourite Tours. You may just think twice about taking a walking tour now! Have you been on any tours in Barcelona or experienced a really unique way of seeing the city? A Spiderman web-swinging style tour would be pretty cool! If you're coming to Barcelona, then you may want to check out our short term apartments page which offer you a different experience of staying in Barcelona and are usually better value than hotels. Barcelona Sights – Many Ways To See Them! Image
Thanks for reading! - Chris

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