Top 10 Interesting Meetups Barcelona: Number 9 is Definitely the Coolest!

Have you guys ever heard of a platform called Meetup? Whether you recently settled in Barcelona or have been living in the Catalan capital for a while, I bet you sometimes struggle to find an activity to spend your spare time doing. Let's put it this way, it's a beautiful Sunday afternoon and you fancy a football game for a bit of exercise, but you end up staying home doing nothing as none of your friends want to play or no pitch is available! We've all been there, right? Well if you never want this to happen again, search no more, Meetup is there for you! This website is the world's largest network of local groups. It makes it easy for you to organize a local group or find an already existing one. It is currently "booming" and SuiteLife has selected for you the top 10 most interesting meetups Barcelona.


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Are you wishing to explore quality lifestyle in Barcelona? Then this meeting is definitely what you need! This meetup will allow you to travel and explore rich Catalunya culture and heritage sites but also to hang out in some of the most stylish and trendy Bars and Lounges of Barcelona. So if you want to enjoy the "upper class" fashionable events in Barcelona, wait no more and join the "Barcelona Premium Lifestyle" Meetup.


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If you have an interest in supporting a sustainable and responsible world or you have a "green" business or job, Green Drinks Barcelona meetup is made for you. This meeting is all about exchanging ideas and shooting the wind with environmentally and eco-conscious people with different backgrounds who have an interest in or support a green philosophy, either in their personal or business lives. Whether you're just interested in green-related topics or you are highly involved in green projects, you are warmly welcomed to join this group!


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This group's objective is to be a meeting point for amateur musicians, singers and songwriters in need of meeting other similar musicians to perform their musical projects or even just to enjoy a good chat time or jam. Are you looking to start a band? Or maybe you're just a band with a missing bass player? You might even just be a musician seeking to share your performance with other persons? Whatever your situation is, this Barcelona meetup is perfect for you!


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This is surely one of the most original meetups in Barcelona! If you're part of Barcelona's gay community and an English speaker who likes to enjoy a nice night out for dinner with new aquaintances, you might want to join this group. It can help you meet new people in Barcelona whilst practicing and improving your English abilities. And if your level of English is not great, No worries! Let them know and they will place you in a table where you will feel comfortable with people who have the same level as you. So now, no more excuses!! If you want more information about the meeting, click here!


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So you're visiting Barcelona and tired of asking locals what to visit, where the cheap restaurants are and how to get to this place etc...Don't worry, Jorge is there for you!! He is a Spanish teacher willing to share with you all his extensive knowledge of Barcelona. He will show you all the secret places in Barcelona in a funny and very friendly atmosphere. So if you don't want to hire a Tourist Guide and want something more friendly and authentic, join Jorge's Free Barcelona Walking Tour With a Crazy Spanish Guy!


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Have you had enough of eating Tapas or Paella in Barcelona and feel like adopting tastier and healthier eating habits? Then you should consider joining this group!! Its aim is to provide information about recipes, restaurants, and things to do in and around Barcelona that are gastronomy-related.  It will let you know the in and outs of Gastronomy in Barcelona whilst meeting and chatting with a very diverse and international audience. The philosophy of the group is well defined in their slogan: "Eat, drink, chat. Repeat". Don't hesitate and join the BCN Gastronomic Society here!


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As we all know, Barcelona truly is a wonder and the most famous places in the city are full of people taking pictures to capture that beauty. That's usually what we all do on our first time in Barcelona, right? But if you want to learn more about Photography in Barcelona, the Photography Barcelona meeting is the place to be! You will learn about photography from the very basics to advanced techniques whilst going around Barcelona and discovering its most secret spots. What a fun and social way to improve your level of photography skills and know more about Barcelona at the same time!!
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Let's be honest, this one is a must!! If you're an expatriate or a "guiri" as they say here, it would be a mistake not to join this meetup! Indeed, it will allow you to meet a lot of new people, make new friends and practice English,Spanish or whatever language that someone from the group is able to speak. Above all, you will have a great time with people coming from all around the world and discover Barcelona all together! Exciting, Isn't it? Don't wait longer and join the Expats in Barcelona group!


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You've been eager to improve your English skills in Barcelona but the temptation of going out with your mates and enjoying Barcelona's crazy nightlife has ruined all your plans? What if you could do both at the same time? That would be nice, wouldn't it? Well this group makes it possible for you to go out and practice english! The meetings are held by an English teacher from the United States. He will teach you English in an immersive environment and an interactive setting to improve your conversational skills. Of course, all of that while having a drink!!!


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Last but not least, the Get Out Of Barcelona meetup group! Yes, it is sometimes very pleasant to leave town and go explore other parts of Catalunya. That's what this group is made for. It basically allows people to leave the city for a day or two. Most of the activities take place on the South side of Barcelona. It often is a hike followed by a barbecue and a few drinks to get to know people. Sports, good music, delicious food and fun is what this group is all about. I hope this selection will make you want to join one of these meetup groups in Barcelona! Do you guys know any other interesting meetup groups in Barcelona? Have you ever taken part in one of them? Feel free to let us know in the comments section! :) Cheers, Rémi

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