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Jürgen Salenbacher: A Creative Mind in Barcelona

Last night I attended the book launch of the most creative man in Barcelona, Jürgen Salenbacher.  His much-anticipated new book, "Creative Personal Branding", has hit the bookstore shelves and I couldn't wait to get my hands on a copy.

Full Disclosure:

To me personally, Jürgen is a close friend and we did our MBA together here in Barcelona.  To the world though, he is one of the leading authorities on the creative economy, innovation, and branding.  His accomplishments are too vast to list in their entirety, but here are the highlights:  Jürgen's clients over the years include Coca-Cola, Durex, Levi's, Lego, Luis Vuitton, Adidas International, Roca, and Mattel.  He has led branding strategies for Michael Ballack, Muhammed Ali, and the Kingdom of Bhutan.  He's even won the famous Red Dot Award, amongst many others.  Since 2006 he has somehow also found time to be a professor at IED Barcelona where he teaches Masters-level classes in Communication Strategy and International Marketing Strategy.  All that AND the striking good looks of Pierce Brosnan! Creative Man in Barcelona: Jürgen Salenbacher Image

Jürgen Salenbacher's book:

As his website succinctly explains "Salenbacher looks at the origins of today's crisis and examines the work of leading theorists in business culture before explaining how our success in exploring change rests on our ability to think creatively".  We all know that life = change.  Whether you are an entrepreneur, an employee looking to contribute more, a creative type, or just someone facing change and major life decisions, this book is for you.  Interspersed with challenging and eye-opening exercises, "Creative Personal Branding" can help you put your life in perspective and strategically plan for the big question that we all ask ourselves, "what's next?". [caption id="attachment_9939" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Creative Man in Barcelona: Jürgen Salenbacher Image
Jürgen Salenbacher & Benny Mouckley[/caption] I've only had time to read the first two chapters since last night, but I'm already impressed and will be furiously reading the rest of the book over the holiday break.  I suggest that anyone looking to take life by the horns and embrace change, instead of being paralyzed by it as most of us are, buy this book today! For more info and to purchase a copy see Jürgen's website here. Cheers, Benny

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