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Why should you learn Spanish slang? Think when you are sitting at a café in Spain with local people, or walking down the streets : very often you hear expressions and you have no clue what they mean and can't find them in a dictionary. Spanish slang is the real way local people speak, so it would help to improve your overall comprehension and your understanding of Spanish culture. Last but not least, we believe that If you start to use some cool spanish expression, locals would really appreciate it! But mostly, it's just super fun! Ready to become a cool spanish slang speaker? Vamos!
  • Guay

  • ¿Que tal, tío?

    What's up, mate? (Tío/tía means uncle/aunt, but you use it colloquially with friends)
  • ¡Estoy machacado!

    I'm exhausted!
  • Me estás toreando

    You are messing around with me
  • ¿Vamos a zampar?

    Shall we eat something?
  • ¿Tengo monos en la cara?

    Why you're looking at me? (Lit. Do i have monkeys on my face?)
  • Es una gozada

    It's really great
  • Beber como una esponja

    To drink a lot (lit. like a sponge)
  • Pasarlo bomba

    To have a great time
  • La marcha

    The nightlife
  • La Dolorosa

    The bill (in a sarcastic way, lit. means "the painful")
  • Ser un muermo

    Being boring (La discoteca fue un muermo total)
  • Cambiarle el agua al pajarito

    To pee
  • Dar la lata

    To bug, annoy, bother
  • Acostarse con las galinas

    To go to bed very early (lit. to go to bed with the chickens)
  • Esa chica es muy potable

    That girl is really good looking (lit. drinkable)
  • Un Hincha

    Fan of a soccer team
  • Gente maja

    Good people, very nice and pleasant
  • Un/una guiri

    Foreigner (if you're reading, you probably are one!)
That should be enough for today...Now all you have to do is "salir de marcha" and show off your cool vocabulary! If this introduction to cool Spanish slang was useful, we would be pleased to write more! We're still discovering the Spanish slang world, so please help us collecting new words and expressions! Vale? Cool Spanish Slang – Learn in 1 Minute! Image
¡Olé! - Elio

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