Top 7 Best Rooftop Swimming Pools in Barcelona

As you know, summer is the moment to enjoy the sun around beaches, swimming pools and so on. What do you think about getting close to the sun and fully enjoy it ? How about experiencing one of the rooftop pools in sunny Barcelona. Rooftop Pools Barcelona: SuiteLife’s Top 7 Image
Summer is coming really fast in Barcelona, and the temperature is rising each and every day. As awesome as that is though, the hot and stifling humidity of Barcelona's climate will drain out your energy quicker than you realise. What you need is a refreshing swim and cocktail while enjoying the breathtaking views of one of the oldest cities on the Mediterranean (or possibly a perfect day at the beach).  That's exactly what this blog will offer you, our top 7 rooftop pools in Barcelona. (Note that most of the hotels with rooftop pool and bar in barcelona are also open to the general public not only the guests).

Ohla Hotel- Recommended rooftop pool

Rooftop Pools Barcelona: SuiteLife’s Top 7 Image
One of the most special Rooftop pools in Barcelona is on the terrace of Ohla hotel, unique for its glass-sided pool. From there you can chill in the cool splash of water and enjoy the view ancient Gothic quarter, since the hotel is located in the heart of Gothic quarter, Born and L’Eixample neighborhoods. You can also see the famous Barcelona cathedral and the church of Santa Anna from there. One minus point is that the lounge area is quite small and there are only about 10 sunbeds, not much for a hotel of 74 rooms capacity.

Barcelona Princess Hotel

Rooftop Pools Barcelona: SuiteLife’s Top 7 Image
This 4-stars hotel has two swimming pools. The smaller triangle-shaped one on 3rd floor with the view to Forum and Museu Blau and the other with a solarium located on the top of the building, on the 23rd floor. It has a gorgeous view over the sea and along the beach. You wouldn’t want to miss the sunset landscape from here!

Hotel Duquesa de Cardona

Rooftop Pools Barcelona: SuiteLife’s Top 7 Image
Duquesa de Cardona hotel’s pool is among the smallest in our Rooftop swimming pool Barcelona list, however  its sundeck and spectacular view to the harbor really make up for this. The deck and pool are located on 6th floor, I must say the view from here to port vell harbor during the evening is unforgettable. Tip: from the deck, look at your right to see the Columbus Monument and Barcelona’s old customs building.

Hotel America Barcelona

Rooftop Pools Barcelona: SuiteLife’s Top 7 Image
Located on a quiet corner in the Eixample neighborhood, Hotel America Barcelona offers a wide terrace swimming pool. The deck is mainly designed by two materials: light wood and thin metal, which create an elegant yet relaxing vibe. Beside the pool is a unique octagonal Jacuzzi which can  fit up to 6 people, a perfect place for resting up after a long day of sightseeing. But hey, don’t forget to enjoy the biggest Barcelona neighborhood surrounding you: L’ Eixample.

H10 Marina Barcelona

Rooftop Pools Barcelona: SuiteLife’s Top 7 Image
Compared to other rooftop pools in Barcelona H10 Marina hotel has a relatively small lounge (the space between sunbeds and the pool is only enough for one person passing at a time). To compensate, the view from the top of the building gives you a fully luxurious experience, with a small bar in the corner, where you can chill with a mojito or just simply tap beer. In front of you is a broad view of Port Olympico and the so called Barcelona twins towers: Torre Mapfre and Arts hotel building.

The Mirror Barcelona

Rooftop Pools Barcelona: SuiteLife’s Top 7 Image
Overall this hotel’s pool is quite compact as hotel space was utilized thoroughly. But you won’t feel uncomfortably cramped believe me. On the contrary, by placing it as close to the building’s edge as it can be, this rooftop pool will show to the new level of chic of Barcelona. From there you will be able to see the 27-floor skyscraper Banco Sabadell Atlántico.

NH Calderon

Rooftop Pools Barcelona: SuiteLife’s Top 7 Image
One of the best places in our Rooftop pool Barcelona list for swimming and refreshment, I would say. The outdoor swimming pool on top of this building overlooks almost every famous landmark of the city: La Sagrada Familia, Montjuic palace, Torre Agbar. The hotel spends its whole terrace on a large swimming pool; in return they have to sacrifice the bar lounge. Still worth it, IMO. If you enjoy the view from above, you may want to check out our list of rooftop bars in Barcelona. See it here Enjoy! T.Vu

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