Circuit Festival – Gay Barcelona Image
My lovely unicorns. My dearest of all. My jumpy rabbits. This will be one of my last blogs for the Gay Barcelona-Series. I hope you guys thought it was just as fun as I thought it was. That you enjoyed my writing as much as I enjoyed writing it for you guys! Well without further ado.. Let’s get this partyhardybaby going! Because this gay blog is all about the amazing, awesome, sexy  festival; CIRCUIT FESTIVAL BABY!


Circuit Festival – Gay Barcelona Image
I highly doubt that you haven't heard of the Circuit Festival in Barcelona if you actively searched for Circuit Festival. But hey, for those less fortunate, I’m here to explain to you what it is! If you’re in love with Gay Pride, you are definitely going to love Circuit Festival. Circuit Festival has become THE party event of Europe. It is the biggest international Gay Event and it is right here in Barcelona waiting for you guys... It comes back every year to Barcelona, and is always at the beginning of August. This year it is from 5-16 August. There are parties everywhere! Like seriously everywhere! The men are once again drop-dead gorgeous! You can expect thousands of buffed up muscle boys making their way down here to Barcelona just to join in on the Festival. It is organised by Matinée Group and this is probably one of their biggest cash cows. There is just such a HUGE crowd wanting to go to Circuit, they know that they are in kind of a monopoly situation.. Which is a shame, obviously, because then they can kind of just make up their own prices. So be ready though; take enough money with you.. Or just use… Yeah well y’know. No drugs, kids. In general, Circuit Festival is just Drugs, Party and Sex. As some of us like to call it; Hardcore DPS’ing. So you will see some drug rabbits on your way. Many hugs. But hey. Gays on drugs are in general very nice, happy people. And those few rotten apples.. Well you have those anywhere don’t you?


Circuit Festival – Gay Barcelona Image
Have I already told you how cute the guys are? I probably have, but I don’t care. I can’t say it enough how good-looking they are. It is like they all stay inside their personal gyms and don’t come out until Circuit Festival hits the city. (Which is SO unfair by the way. We need some eye-candy all year long, not just two weeks..). It’s like almost worth coming to Circuit Festival to just check-out the boys. But it’s not just the boys that are amazing. The music as well. And the venues! My god.. I don’t know this year’s schedule of the venues, but seeing the trend Circuit Festival has been following the past few years.. I believe that I can say with some certainty where everything is going to happen! (Although my favorite spot is definitely going to be the beach..) Short description guys: Wednesday August 5 23-06: Opening party at Bloc (former DBoy, capacity: 2,000) Things get going with a trip down memory lane at the former Salvation/DBoy venue. Thursday August 6 23-06: WE Party at Razzmatazz (capacity: 3,000) The gang from WE Party are the hottest party throwers and although they usually disappoint in Barcelona, it can be fun during Circuit. Friday August 7 23-06: Rapido party at KER Club (capacity: 1,300) Kick off the weekend with this Amsterdam party. Note that the venue is relatively small – expect long queues. Saturday August 8 16-23: Papa Pool Party at La Carpa L’Hospitalet The pool’s great – weather permitting, this should be fun although it’s a bit of a trek. Sunday August 9 16-23: Pool party at L’Atlantida Barcelona (note that it’s now in Sant Adrià, not Sitges) Not as busy as the following Sunday’s La Leche, but still massive. 23-late: Devotion at Marhes (former Pacha, capacity: 4,000) One of Barcelona’s long-running parties serve up a bit of nostalgia. Monday August 10 23-06: Beyond at Bloc (former DBoy, capacity: 2,000) The London party brand keep the chemicals flowing. Tuesday August 11 10-22: Water park day party at Illa Fantasia A fun day which is being milked for all it’s worth with prices hiked every year. Hit the gym months in advance (competition is fierce), then catch an early bus from Plaça Catalunya to stand any chance of landing a coveted locker (usually gone by noon). 22-06: Water park night party at Illa Fantasia The party moves indoors but continues in speedos. Thursday August 13 18-23: WE Pool Party at La Bassa (Sabadell) Move to the suburbs for a splish-splash. Surprisingly good in past years. Buses from Plaça Catalunya. Friday August 14 23-06: The Week at Marhes (former Pacha, capacity: 4,000) The Brazilian gay superclub returns for another year. Saturday August 15 16-23: The Circuit main pool party at La Carpa L’Hospitalet The daytime party by the pool is likely to be much more fun than the ‘Main Party’ held afterwards at the crappy sports hall next door. Sunday August 16 16-late: La Leche party at L’Atlantida Barcelona (note that it’s now in Sant Adrià, not Sitges) It has been the party every year in the past, so expect it to be even more overcrowded and over-priced this year, Matinée-style. As soon as you enter the centre of Barcelona. E.g. Pl. Catalunya, you’ll see promotional posters of the Circuit festival EVERYWHERE. It won’t be really hard to figure out where to go though. Just follow the men in short clothing.. Hehe. Circuit Festival – Gay Barcelona Image
So I hope I informed you guys enough, oh, and if you want to have some impression how it is like and get all excited, check out their Aftermovie from last year! Trust me guys. Circuit festival is gonna be effin’ awesome. Haven’t I been right before about the other good parties? Anyways, my lovely pink honeybees, it’s time to take off. See you at Circuit Festival! And remember, always be safe! As always, have a fabulous gayday! Untill next time, ~Tjeerd P.s. Did you hear about the gay magician? He disappeared with a poof!

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