How you will never miss any cool event in Barcelona again

How you will never miss any cool event in Barcelona again Image

In this article we want to give you a short overview on the function of blogs such as SuiteLife’s, the easiest way to keep up-to-date, and how to gather the most interesting news in one spot.

There are a lot of great and very interesting writers in Barcelona who write about their life and experiences, and cram in all kinds of information onto their personal Blog. We at Suitelife do the same. We are a bunch of young people, who come from different countries to Barcelona to experience the Barcelona culture, learn Spanish and, of course, gain some great experience in a fun apartment rental startup, super central in the heart of Barcelona. Especially during the weekends, we all spread out through the city taking pictures and collecting some nice pieces of handy information we can write about to keep you guys up-to-date. We are producing some fantastics videos, and you should definitely not miss out on our e-books for super special Barcelona insider tips ;) Imagine you are new in Barcelona or just want to keep up-to-date with what’s happening in the city, so then you should be definitely subscribing to regularly updated blogs like Suitelife.

How do I subscribe to a blog?

It’s very simple. On almost every blog you will find the typically orange RSS button either at the top or bottom of the main blog site. Simply click on this button and you will be redirected to different subscriber options. To be able to subscribe to a blog you need to use a RSS Reader which is like a big bowl where new articles of the blogs you subscribe to will be collected. There are many different RSS readers on the market, they are all for free (or should be!), and some of them you have to download.
We suggest the simple Google RSS reader which you don’t have to download, you simply need to sign up for a Google account. If you have a Google account already you will always find the link to your RSS reader on the top of each Google page on the left side. Often, when you click on an RSS button to subscribe to a blog, you will be automatically redirected to your Google reader – which indeed makes life very simple ;)

How you will never miss any cool event in Barcelona again Image
So now you know what an RSS button is and how you subscribe to blogs simply by clicking the orange RSS button. Now let me explain to you a bit more about the function of a RSS reader and its great advantage. Do you read newspapers? Or do you belong to the generation who don’t pay for informational access via the internet anymore? I know it is very sad for the print media, but information on the web is free, so why not use it?
The good thing about a RSS reader is that you can organize all your incoming information by creating folders and adding tags (tags are keywords which describe the article). You can also share information with friends, via email, twitterfacebook or many other channels by simply clicking on a button underneath each article.
Articles in a RSS reader might look weird to you as they look very simple, sometimes without pictures and you just see the headline and plain text. The reason for this is that articles which are syndicated into RSS readers use a simple XML file format, so the information is readable in all kinds of different devices such as the Google reader.

How you will never miss any cool event in Barcelona again Image
A Rss reader makes life so much easier because you can subscribe to all
kinds of websites you are interested in. Take for example, Paul. Paul has been living for a few months in Barcelona; he works for a bank, loves fishing and, as he’s from England, wants to be up-to-date with what’s happening in the UK . Paul has an RSS reader, so he created three folders in his reader. One is called “life”, one “work”, and the other, “news”. In his “life” folder he subscribed to and other BCN Blogs because he is very interested in Barcelona insider information and in current events. Also Paul subscribed to a bunch of interesting fishing blogs, mainly in the area of the Costa Brava and the English coast, because that’s where he spends most of his time fishing.

How you will never miss any cool event in Barcelona again Image
In his “work” folder he subscribes to the wall street journal blog and other finance and business blogs, just to keep himself up-to-date with what’s happing in the world stock market, as he should, as a banking man, be informed. Last but not least, he subscribed in his “news” folder to blogs such as the BBC and the Bristol Today blog, because he is from Bristol and he wants to know what’s going on in his hometown.
As you can see in Paul’s example, a RSS reader is a great opportunity to keep track of all his different interests. Nowadays, we don’t save huge link collections in our Firefox or IE browsers because you only have access from your personal computer. Today, we store and share our information with friends online via RSS Readers or social bookmarking platforms, such as Delicious.
So, if you want to keep up-to-date with what’s happening in the beautiful city of Barcelona and learn more about tips and tricks on how to survive and make the best of your time here, make sure you subscribe to our RSS feed today – by just simply clicking on our RSS button at the top of the page on the right-hand corner.
To follow current events, please become a fan of SuiteLife on facebook and you won’t miss a thing.
If you don’t want to miss the next Barcelona flashmob session, skiing video, shop openings, BCN job offers or other interesting things which are happening in BCN day by day, make sure you follow us on twitter as well. Have fun! - Miriam (Update: People who are using Google Chrome or Internet Explorer have problems subscribing to our RSS feed, if you have problems to, please let us know!)

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