American Restaurants in Barcelona - the taste of freedom!

Hi there SuiteLifers! Today's blog post will be about where to find American restaurants in Barcelona. If you are from the US or abroad, and have been in Barcelona for as long as I have, you grow an insatiable hunger for your home comfort food. There are many places around the city that serve American style food, but there are few restaurants that can make it feel authentic. Hope you’re hungry!

Bernie’s Diner

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Bernie’s Diner is one of the retro styled American restaurants in Barcelona located in the El Born neighborhood of Barcelona. Founded with simplicity and genuine quality in mind, Bernie’s Diner aims to provide a down to earth atmosphere where one can socialize with friends at any time of the day. Opening at 9:00 a.m., Bernie’s breakfast menu offers an American Breakfast that includes two grilled or scrambled eggs, bacon, pancakes, and toast, among other great classics.  Though their breakfasts are amazing, their 100% beef burgers and specials are second to none. Everyday Bernie’s uses fresh meat from the Girona region of northern Spain and fresh baked bread made at a local bakery. Whatever meal you pick, it is safe to say you cannot go wrong at Bernie’s Diner.


American Restaurants in Barcelona – the taste of freedom! Image
Founded in 2010, Bacoa has built its reputation for making one of the best hamburgers in Barcelona in just a few short years. Though the hamburger has been a staple of the Spanish menu for many years, Bacoa strives to provide its customers with the highest quality, fresh cooked burgers daily. Offering beef, lamb, and chicken patties, Bacoa uses  the best meats in Spain in their burgers. If a teriyaki glazed Japonesa burger or stuffed pork San Jacobo doesn’t do it for you, you can finish your meal off with Bacoa’s artisan ice cream. Bacoa has 5 locations around the city, so you are never far from that burger you so desire!


American Restaurants in Barcelona – the taste of freedom! Image
Napa Restaurant was founded to bring together the unique  flavors of Catalonia, the Mediterranean and California. Known especially for its tapas menu, Napa also offers spectacular full size meals as well as desserts. On the menu you will find items like grilled salmon with potatoes confit, and tapas like calamari with citrus mayonnaise. The service staff are pleasant and helpful, and short wait times are common but it is also possible to make reservations online if you prefer. Located just 20 minutes from Plaça Catalunya in the Eixample neighborhood, Napa has a friendly and intimate setting perfect for any night of the week.

Can Dende

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Another American restaurant in Barcelona, Can Dende is an American, Brazilian, and Asian fusion brunch and eatery. Located in Poblenou, Can Dende offers a menu full of simple yet delicious brunch and lunch items. Their Eggs Benedict are to die for and pancakes for dessert only make a great meal even better. Wait times are normally short during the week but expect them to be a little longer on the weekends. Make sure to try their pink lemonade and also get aquatinted with Dende, the restaurants resident dog.


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Milk Bar & Bistro was opened in 2005 by an Irish couple with years of experience in the food industry. Milk’s menu is diverse, creative, and changes seasonally based on what ingredients are offered in local markets. Milks signature is their noodle buns for their hamburgers. If you are not in the mood for a hamburger, you can also try items like a steak sandwich or buffalo chicken wings and finish with a banana split with Hershey’s chocolate syrup. Located in the Gothic Quarter, Milk is a perfect place for a birthday dinner, drink after work, or a night out on the town.

Nice People BB

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Nice People Bread and Burger is a hamburger joint located in Example. Using 100% beef that is prepared daily, Nice People BB is know for its quality and taste. Their special bread buns are baked daily and allow for the perfect fusion between bread and burger. Their ketchup, wasabi mayonnaise, mustard, and garlic aioli are home-made and prepared in the kitchen everyday. Nice People Bread & Burger is relatively new to the burger scene here in the list of American restaurants in Barcelona but is a can’t miss if you’re in the mood for a delicious, high quality meal.

Taste of America

American Restaurants in Barcelona – the taste of freedom! Image
Though not a restaurant, Taste of America cannot be left off the list. If you miss your Hershey’s Chocolate or Campbell's Soup, this is your place. Taste of America is an American Supermarket located in the heart of Barcelona. Founded almost 20 years ago by a group of Spanish and American friends, Taste of America has grown from a single store in Madrid to 20 stores around Spain. With over 2,000 quality products on its shelves, Taste of American knows that sometimes its the little things that matter in life. Bringing brands like Pepperidge Farm Cookies, Arizona Ice Tea, and Snyder’s Pretzels to it's stores stores makes it an ideal place to go if you are missing your American snacks. Taste of America is definitely a place worth checking out if you are going to be staying in Barcelona for any extended period of time. Thanks guys! Are there any other great American restaurants in Barcelona that you know about? Let us know in the comments!

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