Barcelona Affordable Menu – eat out for less with El Tenedor! Image
When you want to have some dinner but you're looking for a Barcelona affordable menu, things can be a bit tough. During the day you can find affordable lunch menu's almost everywhere. But at night it is somewhat different in Barcelona, the dinner menu prices can triple compared to the lunch menu.

Barcelona Affordable Menu - The Fork

Let me inform you about a great website I stumbled upon called El Tenedor , or in English The Fork. The model works like this: the website approaches all kinds of restaurants trying to get great deals. On their site you can make a reservation at your favourite restaurant (it’s better to do this a couple of days in advance), they have a wide selection of restaurants catering to all tastes, and with cuisines from all over the world. This website lets you have an affordable dinner in Barcelona. Barcelona Affordable Menu – eat out for less with El Tenedor! Image
The first time I ever tried their service was last year in November when we went for a special occasion to the restaurant Alba Paris on calle Paris 168, they have another restaurant on Enrique Granados called Alba Granados. It is a fancy restaurant that reminded me of high quality French cuisine while the menu contained typical mediterranean dishes. The service was impeccable. There were five of us and the bill did not exceed 150 Euros. We had two bottles of cava and a three course meal, exceptionally cheap. This was so cheap because of the great deal we got from el tenedor by making the reservation through their website.

The second time we used the services of el tenedor to get a Barcelona affordable menu, we went to Thai lounge on Calle Valencia 205. The discount menu deal said you had to come with someone, meaning that you can’t come alone. The service was above average and they even managed to keep an eye on our glasses and fill them up when needed. The food was of excellent quality and we enjoyed every bit of it. The service was friendly and professional. The whole décor of the lounge is mesmerizing and contributed to the enjoyment of the gastronomic experience. The dinner was half price - another affordable menu we found through el tenedor.

How it works

  • Barcelona Affordable Menu – eat out for less with El Tenedor! Image
  • go to el tenedor website a couple of days before you want to reserve
  • find the cuisine and restaurant of your choice
  • check out the discount deals they offer
  • reserve your restaurant
  • receive your confirmation and you’re ready to go.

El tenedor will send a confirmation email to the restaurant. Note that at weekends they do not normally have great offers simply because the restaurants already have enough clients. Sometimes it states that the reservation is only for two people. This does not mean you cannot reserve with an unequal number of people it just means you have to be a minimum of two.

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