Barcelona Brunch: A view you cannot resist

Barcelona Brunch: A View You Cannot Resist! Image
Barcelona Brunch combines most of my favorite Sunday activities - a killer view of Barcelona from above, enjoying all-you-can-eat delicious food, chillout music and fresh cocktails. Oh, pardon me, how could I forget - and all that in a pool located on the 11th floor of a quite futuristic-looking hotel. Yeah, it does sound tempting, right? The Barcelona Brunch, offered by hotel Barcelo happens every Sunday and is one of the best ways to spend your afternoon, especially if you are not a tourist and rushing around to check out the usual spots around the city. Besides, let's be honest - a lot of places are actually closed on that day, so is there a better way to relax after a long week? Barcelona Brunch: A View You Cannot Resist! Image
As you can see in the link, the price of the brunch is 25 euros. I won't comment whether that's a lot or not, after all it depends on your budget, but what can I say from my personal experience is that its totally worth it. The brunch itself starts at 12:00 and there's enormous variety of food which would satisfy even the most picky ones. The personnel is very friendly and positive and there's a DJ spinning tunes in perfect synchron with the ambient environment you can see on your right. Ahh, and don't get fooled by the fancy look, being dressed-up is not necessarily at all. After all, the brunch is all about being comfortable. After your Barcelona brunch, you can head to the 11th floor of the hotel where you can enjoy the amazing view of Barcelona with a cocktail (all for free) in your hand. For those of you, interested in photography, the place offers very interesting angles of the city. As I mentioned, there's a pool on the 360º terrace of the hotel. Don't expect olympic size, but its good enough to make you feel you are in paradise! Barcelona Brunch: A View You Cannot Resist! Image
To quickly sum up, this place has everything to offer for a proper Sunday Barcelona brunch. It costs 25 euros, it is every Sunday and the hotel is located in the Raval neighbourhood. Check out the flyer. Do you like how this sound? Don't hesitate and go charge your batteries for the next week. Hasta luego, Ivo

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