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Your definite guide on restaurants to enjoy Barcelona Brunch

We have already written about the fine Barcelona brunch spots Picnic Barcelona and Milk. These places are just amazing on a weekend fraught with the hangover blues. We're going to tell you about some other fish in the proverbial brunch sea in case you wanna try something new!


There isn´t anything like sleeping late on Saturday and chilling out in a nice bar. One of those is the Bar Dostrece on carrer Carme 40. Get the Combo Dostrece if you come with your friend. For 19 €, you both get tasty pancakes with strawberries, eggs benedict or a salad and a glass of bellini. Nothing says “good morning sunshine, you drank a bit yesterday, didn´t you!?” like a tall cocktail with proseco and a peach juice.


What about an Irish Barcelona Brunch? Let me suggest … Crispy bacon, Irish sausages, fried eggs, baked beans, grilled tomato grilled mushrooms, toast and butter… Go to Dunnes Barcelona on Via Laietanna, 19 and bring some tissues with, because you will cry of joy and happiness.

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Brunch in Barcelona Marmalade is good... dammmmn good. We're not talking about the sweet jelly you spread on croissant, but about a place that is run by the same guys who brought us Barcelona Milk Bar. You can get a brunch menu every Saturday and Sunday and here the Barcelona brunch doesn´t mean a coffee with croissants. You have some 11 options starting with the Very Berry Banana Smoothie, through the Eggs Benedict and Tortilla Ranchera finishing with Penny Lane Pancakes. You can find this place at Riera Alta 4-6.

Federal café

Last, but not least we recommend you this top place on carrer Parlament 39. You will love it when the weather is nice, because you can enjoy your awesome brunch on a terrace or at one of the big open windows. By the way, their burgers are just splendid as you can read in Benny's blog: hunt for the best hamburger in Barcelona. If you are new in town, really love brunches and like to hang out with other people while eating, you can join a Meetup Group devoted to brunch. What´s better than meeting some friendly breakfast lovers with your table full of pancakes, jam, eggs, bacon, spread bread, juice, coffee, fruit and a cake on the top. Is there another Barcelona brunch in Barcelona that we didn´t mention? Let us know! Have a tasty weekend! Sharka “like the animal” By the way, if you are interested in another food you should try in Barcelona read this post.

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