Where to Find The Best Coffee in Barcelona that Nobody Knows About!

The Best Coffee in Barcelona: Undiscovered Glory Image
Every human being is able to make a coffee, but if you are visiting a city you want to taste something new; something worth it. What if we told you about the best coffee in Barcelona ? It's possible to find a cafe on almost every corner of every street in the city, but for the most part you'll find a lot of stale and unimpressive blends. So; dear SuiteLifers, we want to tell you about the best coffee shop in the city that we can guarantee none of your friends will know about. On the outskirts of the faaaar right of the Eixample there is this cafe called ‘’La Queixalada d’en Marcelino’’, which is located in the neighborhood of ‘’El Camp de L’arpa del Clot’’ (Metro L5 "Camp de Arpa"). This is where you can get the most eccentric, beautiful, and most importantly delicious Spanish coffee. It's just the best coffee in Barcelona. For coffee fans/snobs/connoisseurs, you MUST visit this diamond in the rough to have a Spanish coffee like you have never tasted in your life. The Best Coffee in Barcelona: Undiscovered Glory Image

What Makes This Particular Cafe in Barcelona so Special?

I can promise you this, you’ll have your answer once you have visited the place and had a little chat with Pere who is the owner of this cafe. The Best Coffee in Barcelona: Undiscovered Glory Image
When I first met him, I was amazed how quickly and passionately he was preparing a wide array of Spanish coffee drinks. I mean, he literally has coffee in his veins. I think it's all he thinks about from the time he wakes up until he goes to bed. Coffee bleeds out of this man and upon entering the cafe it's immediately apparent how passionate he and his staff are. Pere believes that everyone deserves a truly great coffee experience. He is also an ardent educator, running weekend classes for people who want to make great coffee in the comfort of their own homes. I tried this coffee called ‘’café Barcelona’’, an invention so tasty it helped him become the Baristas Champion of Cataluña in 2006. He also has a record for making 50 cups of coffee in just 5 minutes and I’m talking about good coffee here.

Why is the Cafe Located Outside the Center of Barcelona?

The Best Coffee in Barcelona: Undiscovered Glory Image
When asked if he had ever considered relocating his cafe to a more posh area of the city, such as Paseo de Gracia or Sarria, where he could almost certainly charge three times his prices, he told me that it's all about tradition.  His grandparents started making coffee in 1929 with obsession for detail and demand for the best coffee beans from Colombia and Africa at the very same location. This is why he wants to keep the family tradition alive by focusing on the family passion for perfection to offer the best coffee in Barcelona. We still think he'd rake it in if it were more centrally located, but the snob in us likes knowing about the off-the-beaten-track cafe in Barcelona that only those 'in the know' know about. The Best Coffee in Barcelona: Undiscovered Glory Image

Get Your Coffee Now!

For people who want more than just coffee made by a waiter putting a capsule into a machine and pushing a button, this place is ideal to sit down and enjoy the best coffee in Barcelona that is truly a work of art both asthetically and in your mouth. Don't forget, the staff is very friendly, welcoming and always open for a nice conversation which makes you feel right at home. Check the place out! We promise you'll thank us later! Do you know of any truly special coffee experience in Barcelona? If so, we'd love to here about it in the comments! - Alper

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