Brunch in Barcelona is amazing! So, where is a good place to eat in Barcelona? Get ready, it’s time for a picnic!

Brunch in Barcelona: A Story about Picnic! Image
Finding the best brunch in Barcelona can be a tricky task on a lazy Sunday morning. Therefore, we at SuiteLife are here to help you!  Read this article and I can promise you that your Sunday afternoon and your Sunday Barcelona brunch will be perfect! Sunday – the end of the weekend, but this doesn’t mean the end of fun, especially if you have the luxury of going for Brunch in Barcelona. I mean, you can wake up at noon and still get breakfast with extras (and yes, by extras I domean cocktails!) In fact, one of my favorite parts of the weekend is the Sunday brunch in Barcelona and my favorite part of the city is El Born so I thought, why not combine the two? From living in Los Angeles, I am used to gathering all my friends together, dressing up (even though it might be the day after a big night...) and spending Sunday afternoon updating each other over brunch and a couple of cosmopolitans. That’s why I got really excited when my best friend here in Barcelona told me about this new and chic place in El Born called Picnic. “They have the best brunch in Barcelona and amazing cocktails” she said, adding “and the menu is great!” “However, it’s supposed to be very popular so fingers crossed we’ll get a table.” “Let’s go there” I said with excitement. And so we did! Brunch in Barcelona: A Story about Picnic! Image
We walked a few blocks down from my friend’s apartment and in a corner between the beginning of Comerç and Ciutadella Park we finally found the cute little restaurant Picnic. Weekend brunch in Barcelona is definitely the part of the week when this cosy restaurant gets busiest and it was crowded as in c-r-o-w-d-e-d!  “Popular huh?” I said to the waiter at the door who smiled and nodded “ I am sorry but we are full, Sundays are really busy but call this week and make reservations for the next weekend! You girls would love our Strawberry mojitos and Bloody Marys”. Although we didn’t make it this time, I got a glimpse of this chic and hip Barcelona brunch restaurant. I was very impressed with the menu in which different kinds of pancakes, smoothies, fruit-plates and scrambled eggs were just a few of the options. The menu even featured smoked mussels, olive toast, a special recipe for fried green tomatoes as well as a kangaroo fillet. Furthermore, I noticed how the kitchen was open and not divided from where you sit and eat. In other words, the atmosphere was amazing and very friendly! People by the bar were chit-chatting with the chef and outside, people were having conversations with some of the waiters. Brunch in Barcelona: A Story about Picnic! Image
Unfortunately, this Sunday we ended up having a picnic in the park with some salad and snacks. Not as good as the real Picnic itself but we got our Sunday picnic after all. This week, me and my friend will definitely make our reservations for Picnic and make sure we have a table for this coming Sunday. Will I see you there? What's your favourite spot for brunch in Barcelona? Brunch in Barcelona: A Story about Picnic! Image
If you already have been or looking for more brunch options, don't look any further. Try Milk, famous for it's Eggs Fry up & The Eggs Benedict. Que Aproveche! Charlotte Giver

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