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Chupitos Bar Barcelona! This is the Place to go for Shots! Image
There are tons of bars in Barcelona but Chupitos is definitely one of the more "creative" ones! When I went to Chupitos for the first time, I was amazed by the variety of shots. I don't know what I expected but they sure suprised me! They offer more than 200 different shots, I will guarantee you that they most definitely have something that fits your taste! There are shots served with tiramisu, creme, cucumber, anything you could possibly imagine. The creativity of the owners is truly unique! Chupitos Bar Barcelona! This is the Place to go for Shots! Image
During the weekend this bar is literally packed. Since it's a really small one, it's hard to find a place to sit. I went there on a Monday and there were still a lot of people. Most of them were American students.

The Monika Lewinski "Shot"

One of the specialties chupitos so kindly has to offer you is called the "Monika Lewinksy Shot". The waiter blindfolds you and then....ok this might not be G-rated and I don't want to be a spoiler. You should try it out yourselves. I saw a girl doing it and it was hilarous. Well, at least for her friends.

General Information

- Price of one shot: 2€ - Location: C/Aribau 77 in Eixample (this is where I went), there is another one on Passeig de Colón, 8. - Nearest metro: Universitat (for the one on Aribau), Jaume I (for the one on Passeig de Colón,8) Both chupitos bars are owned by the same person, which means that they offer more or less the same. Even if these bars are specialised in serving shots, you can order a beer among other things as well. Thus, it's a really cool international place to have fun with friends, absolutly worth a visit! Chupitos Bar Barcelona! This is the Place to go for Shots! Image
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