Halal Restaurants in Barcelona - Halal goodies and delis!

Halal Restaurants in Barcelona – Halal goodies and delis! Image
Hi Guys! Todays blog is about Halal Restaurants and where to find them in Barcelona. As someone who only eats Halal meat, this was a quite a big deal for me as for when I first arrived in Barcelona I didn't have the faintest clue where to find any sort of halal meat. But now I know, so what are we waiting for, lets take a trip down the halal meat lane! (p.s. there is no actual halal meat lane) The ideal place to find all your halal meat is El Raval! Famous today for its huge cultural diversity El Raval is your best choice for trying delicious Halal cuisine. Literally, walking around the area for 5 minutes is totally enough for you to find a nice and cozy Halal restaurant.

Maharaja Restaurante

Halal Restaurants in Barcelona – Halal goodies and delis! Image
This restaurant opened its doors in 2001. Running for nearly a decade and a half, Maharaja has built its fine reputation as being one of the 'big' players in traditional Halal cuisine making it one of the finest Halal restaurants in Barcelona. Maharaja offers typical Indian dishes prepared with typical Indian techniques. Expect nothing less than brilliant food with rich flavors and textures. What's famous about this restaurant is their fine selection of Indian spices. Having more than 40 types of spices in the chef's disposal you can be assured that your meal at Maharaja will be the most aromatic and flavoursome thing you have tasted all day. This restaurant just wows its visitors with its brilliant decor. Typically colorful draperies and table cloths, walls full of great Indian art and an atmosphere to die for is what this restaurant is all about. This is my personal favorite of all the Halal restaurants in Barcelona.


Halal Restaurants in Barcelona – Halal goodies and delis! Image
If that doesn't pickle your fancy ... get it pickle ... okay maybe not. Well Askadinya is another top Halal Restaurant in Barcelona.  This restaurant specialises in both Arabic and Palestinian food! Askadinya is all homemade food and provides a Mediterranean diet! I'm not even sure what a Mediterranean diet consists of but I'm having it! Located in the heart of Gracia, Askadinya offers a range of food, all Halal! They also do special menu deals for both weekdays and weekends which is ideal if you love 3/4 courses like myself! This is a perfect restaurant for someone who eats Halal food but also wants to eat healthy. The restaurant itself provides a great atmosphere and friendly service from its staff.  Askadinya is most certainly one of my top Halal Restaurants in Barcelona.

Bombay Spicy

Halal Restaurants in Barcelona – Halal goodies and delis! Image
One of the Halal restaurants in Barcelona where value for money meets quality. The offered food is simply amazing. What's better than enjoying an exquisite meal in a friendly restaurant that makes you feel like home for a very reasonable price? Well, nothing! A great bonus that Bombay Spicy has to offer is delivery. For the times when you are just feeling too comfortable at home enjoying a good movie but craving some delicious Indian food, all you have to do is just dial the number, place your order and soon enough the delivery guy will be outside your door handing you your delicious food. But honestly, why waste the opportunity and not go to the restaurant to have a perfect dining experience? In summary, this is one of the best choices when it comes to Halal restaurants in Barcelona.

Pita House

Halal Restaurants in Barcelona – Halal goodies and delis! Image
Do you love Pita? Do you love Houses? Look nowhere else !! Pita House is the place to be! Located on La Ramlas this place is meant to be one of the top Halal restaurants in Barcelona. Pita House caters all, whether its for lunch, dinner or just a snack. This place aims to satisfy all. Whether its quality food you want for certain fancy occasions or just take away food for a night in. Pita house is a must visit Halal restaurant in Barcelona. From Falafels to chicken pitas from Hummus to Durums this place oozes in Arab cuisine. So if you are drooling on your keyboard like I am then Pita house is a place you should dine!!! Pita house is a great Halal restaurant in Barcelona because not only are the food and the prices great but it also has a terrace you could eat on which has a capacity of 48 people!! Perfect for family and friends. It is also really easy to get to as all you need to do is get the L3 at LIceu. And your list of the best Halal restaurants in Barcelona is complete, folks! Or is it? If you know any other great restaurants offering Halal, please let us know is the comment section. Much of love to you guys and have a great week! Weekly joke: Q: What did one plate say to the other plate? A: Dinner is on me. Sincerely, Chris and Hasan

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