Japanese Restaurant in Barcelona : TEMAKI-YA

Japanese Restaurant in Barcelona: TEMAKI-YA Image
To find a delicious Japanese Restaurant in Barcelona is very easy, , but do you know that the fast-food version of Japanese restaurants has also landed in our city? Quick, and something you can eat with your hands, healthy and tasty-as-hell, the Temakis, as this half-japanese half-brazilian treasure is called, have came to stay! Japanese Restaurant in Barcelona: TEMAKI-YA Image
TEMAKI?!? What is it? What the f*** has Brazil got to do with that? Ok, I'll try to tell it quickly: A Temaki is a cone-shaped hand-rolled sushi filled with rice, salmon, tuna, vegetables, cream-cheese, avocado, or whatever else the cook might want to use to surprise you! Still can't figure it out? Don't lie! You already saw the pictures! But you see, it's irresistible, isn't it?! Delicious fast-food became popular in Brazil a few years ago - after the boom of japanese restaurants - and has been growing more and more every year, gaining market ground on traditional fast-food like hamburgers and pizzas. So, after vacations in Brazil, Carmen Pereira and Gabriel Miranda , two Brazilian that has lived in Barcelona for 20 years now, saw the opportunity of bringing the concept of the Temakerias to Europe: Healthy, quick, tasty and cheap! The japanese restaurant in Barcelona, Temaki-ya (Temaki Now) has a classic temakeria style: simple and clean, no tables - just high seats - ingredients on display, and a cozy atmosphere. For a Brazilian like me, it was like being back in Sao Paulo! I was also surprised with the variety of the menu , there are around 50 options of Temaki, and also includes others japanese specialities - don't miss the Hot-rolls. Creativity at its best! It's impossible not to find one you like (I bet you would eat at least 80% though). Japanese Restaurant in Barcelona: TEMAKI-YA Image
So, if you're tired of the tons of mainstream japanese restaurant in Barcelona, you have to try Temaki-ya. Actually, it should be in your MUST-DO list! It's delicious, healthy, cheap and innovative! What more could you want? Go check it and give us your feedback! Where is it? At Calle Gignas, 28 (El Gotico), close to Plaza Sant Jaume! For more info check their website! There you find opening hours and extras! Almost forgot! If you like their Facebook page, you'll be updated with discounts and promotions! The most famous, for example, is that every Thursday, every temaki you buy,  you get the second one for only 1 euro (as you can see at the image below)! Irresistible! Japanese Restaurant in Barcelona: TEMAKI-YA Image

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