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Greetings SuiteLifers, This week I’ve decided to shed some light on where to find the top Michelin Restaurants Barcelona has to offer. Is there anything better than going for a evening meal with your favorite people after a long day of site seeing, exploring, working or whatever you like to do with your time? And what better place to have your meal than at one of the best Michelin restaurants in Barcelona? Michelin restaurants are the most highly ranked restaurants in the world. Expect nothing less than incredible and creative food, excellent and on point service and a divine atmosphere. If you are not concerned about your budget, then you should most certainly pay a visit to one of the these brilliant restaurants. Feeling hungry yet? Me too! Let’s get to it then.


Michelin Restaurants Barcelona – Best in Town! Image
Starting off with ÁBaC restaurant, one of the best Michelin Restaurants Barcelona has to offer. Chef Jordi Cruz received his first Michelin star at the age of 24, becoming the youngest chef in Spain to be accredited with this prestigious rank. In 2011 the restaurant received its second Michelin star. If you are in love with traditional Spanish cuisine this is surely a must visit restaurant for you. Chef Jordi Cruz’s menu tries to preserve the traditional taste but combines it with modern cooking techniques in order to serve us an exquisite meal. As a common practice you can order ‘a la carte’ which is a combined platter of meals of your choice. Definitely a great option if you are a food enthusiast. A regular dinner menu at ÁBaC would cost you around 94€. Michelin Restaurants Barcelona – Best in Town! Image
Feel free to familiarize yourself with (ÁBaC’s menu) and build up an idea of what you would like to have for dinner on your visit. Signature dish: Chef Jordi Cruz’s egg with asparagus.


Michelin Restaurants Barcelona – Best in Town! Image
Another jewel in the crown of fine dining in Barcelona is Cinc Sentits. Again, amazing dishes with a strong presence of Catalan cuisine but also inspired by foreign gastronomy. It is certainly up there as one of the finest Michelin Restaurants Barcelona. Their food is so deliciously strange and prepared in such a way as to play with our senses that it truly becomes an all-time favorite immediately. The restaurant’s strong suit is definitely the service. Friendly but professional service will make you feel like royalty. They are definitely more than just the people that bring the plates to the table! For every meal you order they will recommend the best wine to go perfectly with it. Have questions about the food? No need to call for the chef. The waiters are fully able to explain everything about the ingredients, the flavors, cooking techniques and whatever might pop into your head. Michelin Restaurants Barcelona – Best in Town! Image
Cinc Sentits is an amazing experience that you can have for the price of 85€ for a tasting menu. Signature dish: Chef Jordi Artal’s ember-roasted sweet potato.


Michelin Restaurants Barcelona – Best in Town! Image
Where traditional and modern clash together. Recently relocated to the Ohla Hotel, this restaurant is one of the hot spots for fine dining in Barcelona. Chef Xavier Franco’s creativity and passion provides us with a premium-quality traditional Catalan cuisine. This, combined with impeccable service, brings the dining experience at Saüc restaurant to a new level. Receiving its Michelin star in 2007, chef Xavier Franco has never failed to bring joy, happiness (and full tummies) to its customers since. The chef considers himself a ‘protein man’ and to account for that his dishes are very protein packed, making them very nutritious and healthy. Michelin Restaurants Barcelona – Best in Town! Image
The tasting menu you can enjoy for an average of 78€ or 108€, depending on how many dishes you would like to include. Signature dish: Chef Xavier Franco’s fricassee of fava beans with veal sweetbread.


Michelin Restaurants Barcelona – Best in Town! Image
Gresca is one of the more affordable Michelin Restaurants Barcelona has. If you are on a budget, but still a lover of quality food and exceptional service, then you my friend have just found the perfect restaurant. Inspired by tradition and his childhood memories of his grandmother’s recipes, Chef Rafa Penya provides amazing dining experience for a low price and with an element of nostalgia. His dishes might seem simple and but don’t be fooled by the names on the menu. Once your waiter puts the plate in front of you, prepare to be astonished by the creativity and amazing presentation that bring the dish to life. The chef is all about tradition but his cooking techniques are very modern and innovative, producing the dishes you love but with an inventive twist. Michelin Restaurants Barcelona – Best in Town! Image
The prices at restaurant Gresca range between 19€ to 70€, making it very affordable without cutting down on the quality. Signature dish: Chef Rafa Penya’s “souffleed” egg with cured ham cream


Michelin Restaurants Barcelona – Best in Town! Image
Exquisite Mediterranean cuisine served with a side of amazing creativity. This recently opened restaurant received its Michelin star in 2013. Don’t worry though, their food is top notch. Specialising mainly in Mediterranean cuisine, Nectari offers some of the best dishes including fish and other sea food. If you think that ‘Grilled squid, artichoke confit with honey, chanterelles and salsa’ sounds delicious, look no further – head down to Nectari restaurant. Chef Jordi Esteve is a young and passionate chef famous for his artwork that he puts in every dish making it look like it’s worthy to be put in a museum. The restaurant caters to and highly values their customers who suffer from coeliac disease, which is why the majority of the menu consists of gluten-free dishes. Michelin Restaurants Barcelona – Best in Town! Image
Again, Nectari has a very good price to value ratio as Gresca. A tasting menu at Nectari would cost you around 55€ making it one of the affordable ones. Signature dish: Chef Jordi Esteve’s scallops with truffle and fish foam. Thanks for reading! I hope that my blog was useful to you and that now you know where to enjoy some of the best quality food in Barcelona. Take care, have fun and ‘bon apetit’. Here is a food joke for you guys: Q: Why did the tomato blush? A: Because it saw the salad dressing. Do you know of any great Michelin star restaurants in Barcelona that we missed? Let us know in the comments! Sincerely, Chris

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