Sushi Barcelona: The most recommended buffet restaurant Yutaka

Suitelife presents: The best all you can eat buffet sushi restaurant in Barcelona

Finding the best restaurants in Barcelona offering high quality food for a good price isn’t as easy as you might think, even with all the great choices and wide array of Barcelona restaurants. In this post I will present to you the “Barcelona Yutaka Wok”, an all you can eat restaurant offering a buffet, which provides high quality food for a really good priceYutaka offers a great Buffet of Asian as well as other food varieties.
When a bunch of my best friends visited me a few weeks ago in Barcelona, we were really hungry after a day of visiting Parc Güell, the famous Barcelona park designed by Gaudi and the Sagrada Famila. We had a small breakfast before we left the house in the morning and therefore decided to try one of Barcelona’s many all you can eat Buffets, where you can get lots food on the cheap. Fortunately we discovered a Barcelona buffet restaurant, called “Yutaka” near Sagrada Familia on Carrer del Rosselló, 307.

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We arrived at 7 pm on a Friday evening and were of course too early for the evening buffet (opening hours 13:00 – 16:00 & 20:00 – 00:00 daily). So we waited in a bar on the other side of the street, watching the staff hurriedly preparing everything for the evening rush. It felt as if time wasn’t passing until my friend pointed to her watch, smiling with excitement, and we rushed over at 5 minutes to 8pm and waited anxiously by the door and getting ready to pounce on the buffet. Luckily there were a few other people waiting as well, which made us feel less greedy!
When we finally entered Yutaka we discovered delicious Japanese sushi, Chinese dumplings, a lot of fresh vegetables, all sorts of fresh seafood, salads, all kinds of meat waiting to be fried, rice, noodles, fries and more. The food was excellent, fresh and tasty and looked amazing. The desert was excellent too.
During the lunch shift when the Yutaka Wok isn’t as packed as in the evening, it provides quite a nice atmosphere for an all you can eat restaurant. At around 9, 9:30 pm the place got really packed and people started queuing in front of the restaurant. So better be early! For the Lunch buffet during the day you pay less then 10 €, in the evening around 15 €, which is worth the price. For drinks you pay extra.
Yutaka recently opened another restaurant in Barcelona on Carrer Rossello 373.
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