Barcelona Tapas - El Born is where it's at!

To find tapas in Barcelona, you don´t have to look too long. There are tons of bars in Barcelona, offering a wide variety of the famous and succulent Spanish Tapas. Thus, it can be quite hard to find the best places to eat tapas in Barcelona, but don't fear dear SuiteLifers, we're here to show you the way. Spanish culture is a special one. When it comes to eating, and especially eating hours, one can find huge differences in comparison to other European countries. That being said, the famous Barcelona tapas are definitely one of those culinary staples that makes our beloved city truly unique. Since you are going to want to sample some great tapas while visiting or living in Barcelona, we present to you a little SuiteLife tapas tour of the famous and trendy Borne Barcelona Neighborhood so you can checkout the best of the best!

Tapas & Cava in "El Born"

El Born is probably the trendiest neighborhood in Barcelona. It's full of cosy cafes, great vintage shopping, and other such hip things to do during the day.  It quickly turns into a funky and chic area during the night. Altough I arrived just two weeks ago, I could already tell you about lots of Tapas El Born-The Best Tapas In El Born Image
fun things to do there. However, today, I want to focus on a special Tapas-Tour through El Born. So get your friends, print out the info below (or load it on your mobile phone and save a tree) and let's hit the road!

1. La Champañería - Can Paixano

Address: Carrer de la Reina Cristina, 7 Metro: Barceloneta La Champañería is probably the most famous and unique tapas bar in Barcelona. Founded in 1969, it has become a must-see place in Barcelona. You can get super cheap cava and tapas. Usually you can´t even get inside - basically because there are so many people. I went there at 2pm today, and it was already really crowded. It took me a few minutes until I finally ordered my Cava rosé and a few tapas. They make all their own Cavas. One glass is only 70cents which is really cheap. Tapas El Born-The Best Tapas In El Born Image
I talked to the waiter for a few seconds and tried to asked him as many questions as possible. He told me that you usually have to literally fight for a glass of cava or something to eat. Nevertheless it´s an experience that one should not miss!

2. La Vinya del Senyor

Address: Plaça Santa Maria 5 Metro: Jaume I With more than 300 different bottles on its wine list, this is Barcelona's prime wine bar and it also boasts one of the most beautiful terraces, looking out over the grandiose Santa Maria del Mar church. Unlike a typical bodega, this is both chic and expensive, but the incredible choice of vintages - from all over the world - make La Vinya an indispensable stop for wine-lovers. It also has an inventive Asian chef who creates original tapas.

3. Champanyet or "El Xampanyet"

Address: Carrer Montcada 22 Metro: Jaume I This authentic tapas bar is pretty similar to La Champañería. It is located in the heart of El Born and most of the time really crowed. You can have a great time in this bar, but it´s seems to be La Champañería with higher prices. However, you guys should form your own opinion about this ;)

4. Va De Vi

Address: Banys Vells, 16 Metro: Jaume I This restaurant is more a wine cellar than a typical tapas place. Anyways, you can enjoy your tapas with a nice glass of wine in a charming atmosphere. The menu features typical tapas, cheese, ''embutidos'', foie and other top quality products, as well as more elaborate dishes.

5. Taller de Tapas

Adress: C/Argentina 51 Metro: Jaume I Compared to other tapas places in Barcelona, Taller de Tapas is pretty chic. It´s a tapas chain, having five bars troughout Barcelona. One of these is located in the heart of El Borne. The good thing about the one in El Born is, that you can sit outside and watch the world go by. You can´t make a reservation for any of the Taller de Tapas bars. The food isn´t supposed to be outstanding, but still good. In this place it´s more about the atomosphere.

6. Restaurante Txirimiri

Adress: Princesa 11 Metro: Jaume I El Txirimiri is traditional restaurant in El Born, offering all kind of Basque food. The atmosphere is a little more relaxed than in other tapas bars in Barcelona. That being said, you can have a relaxed dinner too. Also, you can reserve a private room for a all of your friends. Check out their website for more information.

Barcelona Tapas Tour Map! Take a Tapas Tour of El Born

Tapas El Born-The Best Tapas In El Born Image
Do you guys have any further recommendation for eating tapas in El Born? Please let us know, and we may add them to our tapas guide. Tapas El Born-The Best Tapas In El Born Image
~ Alex Kolb

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