Gay Gyms in Barcelona : Let's Workout !

Gay Gyms in Barcelona : Where Are Those  Hot Guys ? Image
Yes, that's right. It's probably the most anticipated topic in our series 'From Behind the Rear.' The title gives away this week's topic; Gay Gyms in Barcelona and while we all know about the benefits of exercise, we are not discussing these here. Let's be honest even if it's just for one second; if you’re gay and living in Barcelona - whether as a short term or long term visitor - you would most likely want to impress the hot Spanish men. One way to do this is to head to the Gym – and not just any Gym but a Gay one. We all know that one of the most important places for gay men is undoubtedly the gym.  Not only is working out an essential part of an active lifestyle, but it also keeps you looking good, helps alleviate stress, and can keep your libido up. There are a number of gyms that cater to gay men out there, making them great places to pick up guys. So get those short-shorts and tank tops ready and head out to keep those glutes in shape!

Axel Wellness Club 33

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Who wouldn't want to see this guy working out?[/caption] A personal refuge and a place where you can experiment with new sensation of pleasure and relaxation is at the Axel Wellness Club 33, this gym is the new facility brought to you by Axel Hotel Barcelona. Here you can leave all the stress and worry behind you and dedicate well-deserved time to yourself. You will have the enjoyment of new and modern equipment that’ll get you into fabulous shape. It will be an experience that you would never forget.

DiR Eixample Gym

Gay Gyms in Barcelona : Where Are Those  Hot Guys ? Image
DiR Fitness Center has ten gyms in total spread throughout Barcelona. Their facilities are very complete and they have all sorts of extra services ranging from medicals, personal trainers, sun beds and more. They also have pools and a very wide range of classes including aerobics, fitness, toning and much more. Definitely the trendiest choice and not the cheapest, but you get a free backpack! If you want to try any of the ten gyms across Barcelona and Sant Cugat, a Q10 membership is available which allows you to do this. If you decide to join then a monthly fee (depending on the time of day and the gym you chose to go to) ranges from €0 to €3, 15 per visit.

Thermas Gym

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Boxing workout can be sooo fun![/caption] Thermas offers all the amenities of a quality European bathhouse; pool, gym, spa, hot tub, and like-minded men of course. In this gym, you will find nothing less than good-looking, sexy guys from Europe, the Middle East, and South Americans. There are many cabins, large porn cinema, also a small bar with snacks and drinks. This is a must visit only if you don’t mind rent boys and if you don’t, you’ll have your pick of Good looking boys. In general this is a very nice facility.


Gay Gyms in Barcelona : Where Are Those  Hot Guys ? Image
Barcelona has a couple of gay saunas located either in the heart of Gaixample or in the gay villages surroundings. Gay saunas in Barcelona are not only for wellness or relaxing but mainly for erotic adventures. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that cruising areas and darkrooms are rather extensive. Visitors range widely in age and preferences. At few locations there are younger boys with clear financial purposes. The atmosphere is mostly easy-going, horny and willing. On weekends most of the saunas are open nonstop (few are open 24/7 during the week as well) this is the time when they get very crowded - especially after bars and clubs closes.

Notable Mentions

Two gyms that you must not forget about are Holmes Place and Metropolitan. Neither is a strictly 'gay' gym, but both are swarming with hot gay guys! Also they are pricey, but they both have multiple locations throughout the city and amazing facilities.


[caption id="attachment_34250" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Gay Gyms in Barcelona : Where Are Those  Hot Guys ? Image
Lock me up in a gyms' locker room![/caption] The two most popular gay gyms  in Barcelona can be found on Carrer Casanova 57, which many say is the city's best equipped, and on Carrer Espolsasacs 1- though the line between workout facility and bathhouse is a little thin, with Casanova now a full-on bathhouse with gym facilities. Barcelona offers those with a hangover every chance to eliminate toxins by flexing other muscles besides the elbow. Options abound from swimming and sailing to marathon running. For those whose feelings of guilt over the excesses of the previous night don’t translate to physical exertions, the city’s football and basketball teams provide class—A excitement when they play at home. Or indulge in a massage, day spa or a sport of floating. The folks of Barcelona are as health-conscious as those of any other city and the number of places to indulge in a little ‘wellness’ of one sort or another is multiplying. Do you have any suggestions to add? We'd love to hear from you in the comments! ~Argenis

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