Get your free Spanish lessons! – Best Spanish free learning Websites
In this post I want to share the best way to learn Spanish online for free and show you how you can save a lot of money by practicing with the best Spanish learning websites. Make sure you take advantage of your free Spanish lessons as soon as possible.
It all started when I tried to contact different Barcelona languages schools looking for a Spanish evening course in Barcelona, but none of these schools bothered to respond to my email request. After contacting the third Barcelona language school to no avail, I decided to take things into my own hands and surf the net to find a bunch of great Spanish learning websites to learn Spanish online for free. My research was very successful because there are actually a lot of cool Spanish learning websites, which offer a variety of interesting and entertaining free Spanish lessons. So we will start with my first three recommendations in this post.

Livemocha - Exciting web 2.0 Spanish learning website

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In my opinion, one of the best and innovative Spanish learning websites is Livemocha which is an exciting e-learning Web 2.0 startup founded by a group of experienced and successful entrepreneurs. After you have registered for free you can connect with members all over the world and can utilize their native language proficiency to teach and learn from other members of the community. The whole idea of Livemocha is based on connecting with people whose mother tongue is the one you want to learn, and giving and getting support, like real time corrections and assessments. Livemocha also leads you through a variety of lesson plans which include over 160 hours of beginner and intermediate level content. But how to keep motivated? – The good thing about Livemocha is its motivational system which provides competitions, a language buddy system and community encouragement. Languages such as Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, Russian etc. are very popular on this interactive learning website.

BBC Spanish learning Website

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The BBC Spanish learning websites offers a great means for free online Spanish lessons, mainly in an interactive way. In general, the BBC provides a variety of different language learning websites but I can recommend particularly the Spanish learning website. The platform offers you a variety of entertaining learning methods, from cool Spanish phrases to crosswords. In my opinion the most enjoyable part of the BBC Spanish learning website is the interactive drama “Mi vida loca”, which won the interactive innovation prize of 2009. This drama leads you through 22 exciting episodes and involves the viewer with interactive elements. So if you want to learn Spanish in an entertaining and relaxed way I can highly recommend “Mi vida loca”. The impressive thing about the BBC language learning platform is that it offers a learning program for almost every spoken language in the world.

Babbel- Learn Languages easily and the fun Way

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As well as Livemocha you can sign into Babbel for free and experience lively multimedia content on the theme of your choice. All of the content is accompanied by audio material and pictures. You learn new content through a focused combination of reading, listening, putting words in order and writing. Babbel also gives you the opportunity to connect and learn from its community, for example through simple writing exercises and native speakers’ comments. On Babbel you can study French, Spanish, Italian, English or German.

Study Spanish - A website dedicated to spanish courses

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Study Spanish website's offer is really complete as they have a wide range of lessons depending on your level and on if you want to learn Spanish conversationnaly or for school. They offer pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary lessons as well as verb drills and features & resources sections. The big pro of this website is the "pronunciation" classes of course, where you can practice your accent and your speaking !!


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This one is really similar to Babbel, it's interactive, it makes you translate some phrases and words. You can set up a goal per day that you have to achieve! The offer is also very complete. You have different types of courses depending on your level once again so you can adapt your lessons and so on. The big pros of this website : really easy and fun to use and it makes you learn the accents too !
Let us know if any of these free online Spanish lessons helped you learn Spanish and which one of these 3 Spanish learning Websites you liked most?

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