Raining in Barcelona: the Couchpotato Solution

Raining in Barcelona: the Couchpotato Solution Image
Picture this: it is raining in Barcelona. Although BCN is normally beautiful all year round, this winter has been especially rainy. When it is raining in Barcelona, what can you do? You obviously can go out and enjoy the Barcelona rain.  However, if you're anything like us, you probably want to stay in, get comfy on the couch and waste away the day watching movies and Tv series online.  Watching movies online while hearing the Barcelona rain hitting the window, what else do you need? Ok, a huge cup of any warm drink would definitely be nice (and maybe a cute girl/guy sharing the couch with you). So what do I need to know to watch movies online? 1)      Update your firewall and anti-virus protection: you’ll be clicking on a lot of links that automatically open ad windows and sometimes dangerous files. 2)      Do not download. Watch the movie streaming, it’s much better and less risky. 3)      Do not give any personal data to any website (true for anything!) 4)      If your film is not to be found in the popular link websites  we advise you to Google it: name of the film + “full movie” or “online” or “streaming” or a combination of those. 5)      Sometimes, a host will say that the video has been removed from the website it was on (let’s say Megavideo). Google the exact name of the episode/movie: you could end up watching your video on the same website (Megavideo here) but just through a different link (I discovered this while frantically giving in to my "Dexter" addiction). 6)      If a film has been cut in several parts, open them all and let them load while you’re watching the first part or just open them all and let them load while you’re doing something else (there’s nothing more annoying than watching a film that is buffering for 5 minutes every 30 seconds!).

Raining in Barcelona: the Couchpotato Solution Image
Where can I watch movies online then? Top 10 best online-movie host sites. The best way to easily find movies and TV shows online is to go to a link site, which is essentially a huge collection of links pointing you in the direction of the content you would like to see.

Raining in Barcelona: the Couchpotato Solution Image
1)http://www.movies-links.tv/ is THE best one. You can browse this website according to your target movie’s year of production, the genre it belongs to (from horror to thriller trough action, drama, comedy, history and even film noir), to the top ranking made by the users etc. Most of the links proposed do not lead to websites full with virus/Trojan, which are the main dangers encountered in watching films online (while it’s raining in Barcelona, otherwise go out!). 2) Great Stuff Tv:  This one rocks for both movies and also regularly updated tv shows.  If you're a paying member of Megavideo you'll love this site.  It also has a lot of ZShare links which are free and fast loading.  www.Greatstufftv.com 3) Surf the Channel:  Another great one and probably the largest link collection we've seen online.  Watch movies, tv shows, documentaries, concerts, anything really.  There's thousands of hours of free entertainment here.  www.SurfTheChannel.com.  A strong point of STC is that they always have multiple links to the same content, uploaded by different users, so if a link doesn't work or the content has been removed due to infringement, you can usually always just try another link with success. 4) Alluc:  Another great one for TV and Movies.  www.Alluc.org. 5) TV Shack: Again, another really good one for TV & Movies.  Lots of updated links here.  www.TVShack.net 6) http://www.moviesdatacenter.com/ :  Check the latest movies section to see the newest movies!! 7) http://www.ovguide.com/ is good too. 

Raining in Barcelona: the Couchpotato Solution Image
8 ) http://www.free-tv-video-online.info is an awesome link bank for movies and series. Thanks to all those websites, your rainy days in Barcelona (or else where) will never be the same! Any suggestions on other great sites for movies and TV?? Please leave a comment we'd love to hear from you!!!

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