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The Spanish Citizenship Joke:

What is the main difference between a person that has a Spanish citizenship and a person without a Spanish citizenship? It's the degree of coolness and awesomeness! Now that you've tasted a little bit of our SuiteLife inside humour, it's time to get to the serious business. Becoming a Spanish citizen is definitely a big deal, as you will basically be one of the King's 'subjects' from now on! Having a Spanish citizenship will allow you to enjoy the same rights as Spanish people and EU citizens. You will be able to work without restrictions. You will also have freedom of movement around European cities. But you also have to renounce to your actual nationality unless you're from a Spanish-American country. Here you will find the guide for How to get Spanish citizenship that you need to undertake in order for you to actually get the Spanish citizenship.

SPANISH CITIZENSHIP STEP 1: Reside in Spain for 10 years.

However, there are also some exceptions:
  • if you are a political refugee, you will only have to reside in Spain for 5 years.
  • if you are from Latin America, Andorra, Philippines, Equatorial Guinea, Portugal or for Sephardic people, for 2 years
  • people who are born in a Spanish territory / have been subject to legal guardianship (under the supervision of a guardian) or foster care (foster care allows the reduction of minimum legal residence to one year in which the child has been fostered and legally recognised)/ a Spanish citizen or institution for two consecutive years/ who, at the time of application, have been married for a year to a Spanish person, if they are not separated, legally or in fact, at the time of application/ the widow or widower of a Spanish person, if they were not separated, legally or in fact at the time of the death of the spouse / Born outside of Spain but with a parent or grandparent who was a Spanish citizen -  1 year

SPANISH CITIZENSHIP STEP 2: Fill in the documentation

In order to fill in the documentation, you will have to go to your Residence Civil Registry. Note - not to the Ministry of Justice! In Barcelona, you can find the exact location with this link. The address is Plaça Duc de Medinaceli, 2, 08071, Phone: (+34) 934120474.


You will have to fill in the application form. You can find it right here. Note that during the process you need to prove that your are a "good citizen". And also show your integration in the Spanish society; for example the basic questions are about your Spanish level and your engagement in social activities to show you are part of Spanish society.

SPANISH CITIZENSHIP STEP 4: Prepare the other documents.

These include:
  • Foreign Identity Card, Family Card of the citizen of the European Union or the Central Registration Certificate for Foreigners
  • Passport
  • Certificate of Registration in the Community (Certificado de Empadronamiento). If you require info about Certificado de Empadronamiento, you can find everything it by clicking here!
  • Birth certificate of the person concerned, duly translated and authenticated
  • Criminal record in their country of origin, translated and authenticated in accordance with existing or consular conduct international conventions
  • Livelihoods to reside in Spain (employment contract, payroll employment report from the Treasury of Social Security, or any other evidence)

SPANISH CITIZENSHIP STEP 5: Wait for the documents.

Once you have filled out all the paperwork required of you in the registry, this will be in charge of sending the case to the General Department of Nationality and Civil Status Directorate General of Registries and Notaries. When your file is received you will be notified in writing. Once informed, where appropriate, the granting of Spanish nationality must perform the subsequent steps in the Civil Registry where you applied. For more info go to the official Ministry of Justice website! Info will be presented in Spanish, so it's better to read our blog first!

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