50 Songs about Barcelona

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You wouldn't think there'd be so many songs about Barcelona but the city is a major source of inspiration for artists all around the world. With all its secrets and lovely places, how could it not be? After famous artists such as architects like Antoni Gaudi with Parc Guell, directors like Woody Allen with Vicky Cristina Barcelona, painters like Pablo Picasso with Barceloneta Beach and others, what about those who have a musical ear ? Barcelona inspired and still inspires singers and musicians. Here is a list of songs about Barcelona ! Some Bands have even taken Barcelona's name, what a tribute !

1- Barcelona

Seattle-based trio, "Barcelona" is an Indie Rock Band formed in 2005. Their Albums: Safety Songs (2005) Absolutes (2007) Absolutes (2009) Not Quite Yours (2012) 50 Songs About Barcelona Image

2- I'm From Barcelona

It is a pop group band from Sweden created in 2005, best known for its 29 members and eclectic mix of classical instruments. Their name is an homage to the Spanish waiter Manuel, a character on BBC Television's Fawlty Towers ("He's from Barcelona"). Their BCN inspired songs: "We're From Barcelona" "Barcelona Loves you"

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Songs about Barcelona:

The Most Famous One:

*Rumba de Barcelona - Manu Chao

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Manu Chao, born June, 21th 1961 is a famous Spanish and French singer with his multilingual songs, cites much of his difficult childhood in Spain. If you're lucky enough, you'll find him either in his own bar Sincopa or in the bar where he loves to hang out and play music : El Mariachi bar. They are both in the Gotico Neighborhood.

*Barcelona - Freddie Mercury

50 Songs About Barcelona Image
Freddie Mercury, singer and member of Queen and Montserrat Cabellé an operatic soprano recorded their "Barcelona" album between 1987 and 1988. TheBarcelona song was chosen to be featured at  the 1992 Summer  Olympics after Freddie Mercury's premature death in 1991. This  song was one of his  biggest hits. Due to its popularity when we searched we found over 400 songs inspired by Barcelona. Songs entitled "Barcelona" have several musical genres, elctro, salsa, country... each artist interpreting their feelings and connection with the city.

Here's our top 50 if you wish to immerse yourself in Barcelona's environment !

1- Que Bonita Es Barcelona - Los 5 Musicales 2- 1992 Barcelona - Red Banner 3- A Barcelona - Quimi Portet 4- A Barcelona La Nit Es Clara - Grec 5- A Barcelona Llegan los Oles - Rafael Farina 6- A Song for Barcelona - Frank Charles 7- A Time in Barcelona - Tomeu Alcover 8- A una Rambla en Barcelona - Luis Les 9- Adios Barcelona - Alyson 10- Al entrar en Baracelona - Joaquin Diaz 11- Amantes En Barcelona - Pol 3.14 12- Barcelona Adiccion - Salvaje Montoya 13- Barcelona Amor Final - Jorcx 14- Barcelona Bella - Los Cabales 15- Barcelona Blues - Anna Bergendahl 16- Barcelona Boogie - Bobby Rodriguez, Kenny Burrell 17- Barcelona Cathedral - Martha Bennet 18- Barcelona Center - Max Oro 19- Barcelona City - Lexmir 20- Barcelona Ciudad - Miqui Puig 21- Barcelona Ciutat Grisa - Joan Isaac 22- Barcelona Claim - Paul Cerda 23- Barcelona Dreams - Behzad 24- Barcelona en Colors - Gerard Quintana 25- Barcelona Es Bona - Rudy Ventura 26- Barcelona Es Festa - Cobl Montgrins, Santi Arisa 27- Barcelona Feelings - Lounge Café 28- Barcelona Girls - Tomeu Penya 29- Barcelona Gran Ciutat - Jaume Oro 30- Barcelona Guapa - El Biles 31- Barcelona I Jo - Los Manolos 32- Barcelona In Our Minds - The Propers 33- Rumba de Barcelona - Gato Perez 34- Barcelona Me - Ibiza Chill Out 35- Barcelona Mi Amor - Damien de Medeiros 36- Barcelona Nights - Ottmar Liebert 37- Barcelona Tu siempre Mi Amor - La Banda Del Pop 38- Barcelona Yo Me Voy - Ricao 39- Buenas Noches Barcelona - Noel Soto 40- Calle Barcelona - La Vida Boheme 41- Desde Barcelona Hasta La Havana - Henry Mendez, OPB 42- Drinking In Barcelona - Ngobo Ngobo 43- El Mar Sobre Barcelona - Alessio Arena 44- Entre Cuba Y Barcelona - Lucrecia 45- Hola Barcelona - René Riva 46- Indios de Barcelona - Mano Negra 47- Jazz in Barcelona - Frank Boeijen 48- La Rama De Barcelona - Kiko Veneno 49- Madrid-Barcelona - Tontxu 50- Mas Grande Que Barcelona - Sr. Chinarro Do you have any favourite BCN www.cialisvsviagracomparison.com/ inspired songs that you haven't seen on our list? Let us know in the comments! Cheers, Lucie

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