Suitelife's Five Easy Ways to Meet Friends in Barcelona

Barcelona Meet Ups: Meet Friends In Barcelona Image
Would you like to know the easiest ways to meet friends in Barcelona? Once you have found the right short term flat and unpacked your suitcase, it’s time to get out there! Yes, we know it can be difficult when you don't know anyone yet but don't worry, with our tips you'll become a "Rey de la movida" in just a few hours, we promise! 1 - ERASMUS EVENTS Barcelona Meet Ups: Meet Friends In Barcelona Image
Meeting new people in Barcelona is like taking candy from a baby, especially if you are on a student exchange program. There are dozens of groups on Facebook, promoting events every single day. And its not just the nightlife on offer, there are interesting activities going on all the time: day trips, international dinners, brunches etc. Even if you are not an Erasmus student its worth joining their meetings. You might not get a discount on your first drink  but you'll meet loads of great new people from all over the world! 2 - MEETUP GROUPS Barcelona Meet Ups: Meet Friends In Barcelona Image
MEETUP is a huge network of local groups with all different interests. This app is very active in Barcelona with seemingly hundreds of groups to choose from. Check out our list of the Top 10 Meet Up groups and pick your favourite! It is a very easy way to meet friends in Barcelona, especially if you’re interested in language exchanges, but also if you're into sports, nature, art and so much more. And if they don't have a group with something you're interested in then why not start one up yourself?! 3 - COUCHSURFING ACTIVITIES Barcelona Meet Ups: Meet Friends In Barcelona Image
Couchsurfing is a religion for many backpackers and young travelers from all over the world. Take a look at some of the Barcelona meet ups they have: Sunday brunches, football matches, international dinners… Maybe sleeping on someone else’s couch isn't the most comfortable but its a great way to meet new people and fit right in with the locals. 4 – BARCELONA FREE WALKING TOUR Barcelona Meet Ups: Meet Friends In Barcelona Image
This is a great way to meet friends in Barcelona and a fantastic way to discover the city. There are so many free walking tours to choose from that there's sure to be a rendezvous-vous point near you! Check out our Barcelona Free Walking Tour blog where you can decide between the three best free walking tours in Barcelona. 5 - BARCELONA BAR CRAWLS Barcelona Meet Ups: Meet Friends In Barcelona Image
This is really cool way to make new  friends and get a taste of Catalan nightlife. But how does it work?  Participants pay a flat fee and get unlimited drinks in 4 different venues. They meet at Placa Reial at 11pm every day of the week from February till September so there's no excuse to miss out! Still think it’s that difficult  to meet friends in Barcelona? Leave a comment and share with us your experience! - Elio

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