Information on Barcelona Empadronamiento and how to get yourself Empadronado in Barcelona

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In this blog, we tell you everything from essential Empadronamiento information, to empadronamiento vocabulary and, of course, where to get Empadronado in Barcelona. PLUS where to get Empadronado online or in person.

What is Empadronamiento?

Empadronamiento means to get registered in your local community. You will then be on your local districts census (or pádron). Everybody is required by law to be registered (Empadronado) in the local community area in which they are living. You can get Empadronado in Barcelona as an individual or as a family. Even if you are here in Barcelona (or another part of Spain) illegally, you should consider getting Empadronado in Barcelona if you are thinking about staying here for any long period of time.

Is it worth getting Barcelona Empadronamiento?

If you get Empadronado in Barcelona, you will then be an official resident of Barcelona, Spain and your local community. It also means you have some sort of evidence or accreditation to your residency here if you get Empadronamiento in Barcelona. Getting Empadronado in Barcelona means you can now do exciting things like:
  • Getting Married
  • Vote
  • Register your children at a local school
  • Apply for Visas
  • Getting a Health Card.
It's all very exciting  to move to a cool city like Barcelona but there are some boring bits involved. However, it is worth getting them done, because you could run into major problems later. Even if you don't have all your documents/papers sorted, you should still register and not be scared of getting Empadronado in Barcelona - all information you provide will be kept confidential.

What you need to get Empadronado in Barcelona:

  • The application form or hoja de empadromiento - available from office or online.
  • A Document proving your Identity (and those of your children if you are applying as a family): Passport, DNI or national identity card, residency card, NIE, ETC.
  • Rental/House Contract - something that proves where you live.

That's all you need to get Barcelona Empadronamiento ! But now with the internet you can do the whole thing online!

Get Empadronado in Barcelona online.

Where to get Barcelona Empadronamiento ?

Head along with your papers and join the queue at one of the following offices. They are all open 8.30 - 17.30. (I wouldn't  be surprised if they didn't open until 10.00 and closed for lunch from 14.00 - 16.00 for lunch) Citizens Advice Bureau - Plaça Sant Miquel Plaça Sant Miquel, 4  08002 Barcelona Citizens Advice Bureau - Ciutat Vella C/ de les Ramelleres, 17 08001 Barcelona Citizens Advice Bureau - Eixample C/ d'Aragó, 311 08009 Barcelona Citizens Advice Bureau - Sants-Montjuïc C/ de la Creu Coberta, 104 08014 Barcelona Citizens Advice Bureau - La Marina C/ dels Alts Forns, 82-86 08038 Barcelona Citizens Advice Bureau - Les Corts Plaça de Comas, 18  08028 Barcelona Citizens Advice Bureau - Sarriá-Sant Gervasi C/ de Anglí, 31 08017 Barcelona
Citizens Advice Bureau - Gràcia C/ de Francisco Giner, 46 08012 Barcelona
Citizens Advice Bureau - Guinardó Ronda Guinardó, 49 08024 Barcelona Citizens Advice Bureau - Nou Barris C/ del Doctor Pi i Molist, 133 08031 Barcelona Citizens Advice Bureau - Zona Nord Av. dels Rasos de Peguera, 25 08003 Barcelona Citizens Advice Bureau - Sant Andreu Plaça d'Orfila, 1 08030 Barcelona Citizens Advice Bureau - Garcilaso C/ Juan de Garay, 116-118 08027 Barcelona Citizens Advice Bureau - Sant Martí Plaça de Valentí Almirall, 1 08018 Barcelona

Barcelona Empadronamiento Vocabulary

padrón/Padrón Municipal de Habitantes - Municipal record of how many people live in an area. empadronamiento - registration with your municipality/community. volante de empadronamiento - informal certificate of your registration as a member of the municipality. For most of your local needs, this should be fine. certificado de empadronamiento - Official certificate of your registration as a member of the municipality. You may need it for certain legal procedures with national or foreign bodies. (hoja de empadronamiento - The application form needed to register with your community. estar empadronado (for men)/estar empadronada (for women)=To be registered with your community. ayuntamiento - City hall. junta/Junta Municipal de Distrito - City’s neighborhood administrative office. Let us know how you get on with getting Empadronado in Barcelona and Barcelona Empadronamiento!!

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