Barcelona Sights: The Bunker Image
As most of you know, there are tons of Barcelona sights. Luckily, there are still a few "secret" places, not overtaken by tourists. I was taken to one of them by a Catalan friend of mine, born and raised here and therefore full of inside knowledge about the city. Barcelona Sights: The Bunker Image
The Bunker, located at the top of Rovira in the Carmel barrio is the perfect place to enjoy an afternoon with your friends or your couple. And yeah - the bunker is more than just a nickname - the place is a remains of an old air raid civil war bunker. It was built in 1937 and has been renovated in the past few years. Renovated in sense that it's clean and safer than before, the sight still has its own unique vibe. Moreover, there are tons of graffiti improving the ambient atmosphere. Barcelona Sights: The Bunker Image
I must admit, the sunset view from the top of the mountain is very romantic. There's a 360º sight of Barcelona, which in my opinion is much better than the one from Montjuic. You can see absolutely everything - the vastness of the sea, the narrow streets of Barcelona, the city lights and the high mountain peaks. If you are a photography lover, this is the place to take amazing pictures of Barcelona! Barcelona Sights: The Bunker Image
So, the most important question - how to get there? You can see the location of the place on the map. The closest metro stop is Alfons X (L4, yellow) and from then on you can either walk or take a bus for two stops. Barcelona Sights: The Bunker Image
Interesting fact about the spot I chose to present to you - the Spanish rock band Nothink chose that particular sight in Barcelona for their music video of the song In a Row. Even if you are not the biggest rock fan you might like the video just for the astonishing location! I hope my words inspire you enough to go and check out the place yourself. If you have any tips about other cool Barcelona sights - drop a line in the comment section below! Cheers, Ivo

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