Beat the Queue at Gaudi's Sagrada Familia - be prepared!

Todays blog will be about how to beat the queue at Sagrada Familia, if you're reading this then you're just one of thousands trying to work out when is the best time to go and how on earth you can avoid that god forsaken queue! Well you're in a luck, because I have the solution to all your troubles... Beat the Queue at Sagrada Familia – Be Prepared! Image
Gaudi's Church is truly remarkable and the on going project is extremely ambitious and one that should really be admired and cherished. However the last thing you want to do is have a bad experience at Sagrada. Gaudi was an artistic genius hut not even the great Gaudi could orchestrate or anticipate the popularity his church would generate. So don't let a long queue be your only experience of this magnificent building. So what are we waiting for ... lets find out how to beat the queue at Sagrada Familia.


Beat the Queue at Sagrada Familia – Be Prepared! Image
Right okay step one to beat the queue at Sagrada Familia .... its the most obvious one which is to book in advance! I know it sounds silly but we are lazy creatures let's be honest. We expect to come to the city and just walk right in to the most crowded touristy places without any struggle, well let me tell you now that its not the case and NEVER will be! So this is a must! Whether you're planning to visit this city or already in Barcelona you need to book tickets well in advance online. A tour guide is included and you'll be jumping the queues (shouting 'SUCKERS!!!' as you pass by the helpless individuals in the ever-growing queue) in no time. Remember you can't go straight to the gates. With your advanced ticket you can jump the queue to the meeting point where you shall all be escorted further.


Beat the Queue at Sagrada Familia – Be Prepared! Image
Now for those who forgot to book in advance this is what you need to do to beat the queue at Sagrada Familia. Come close... Are you listening ??? Okay you need to make sure you arrive VERY early in the morning! Trying to buy a ticket during the day or towards the evening is next to impossible and theres no need for you to be waiting a ridiculous amount of time. Sagrada opens at 9:00am and the tourists usually starts quite early too, therefore you will have to anticipate and plan properly. There is no guarantee that even if you wake up at 6am that you will be at the front of the queue as its all about the luck of the day! But what I can be sure of is that if you time it right in the morning you can certainly reduce your waiting time SIGNIFICANTLY! Beat the Queue at Sagrada Familia – Be Prepared! Image
Now if you haven't even booked your flight yet and your sole purpose for coming to Barcelona is to see the Sagrada Familia then you would be wise to choose your dates accordingly. This is the perfect way to beat the queue at Sagrada Familia as this enables you to avoid all the touristy periods which tend to be near the spring and summer season. So an ideal period would be during winter around November to late February. However there is a reason why this isn't a touristy period because the weather isn't the greatest. Hope you guys enjoyed the blog guys and if you have any comments please do share them below, maybe there's another way to beat the queue at Sagrada Familia that we haven't heard of? For more information on Sagrada Familia Click here! You can buy your tickets in advance here!

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