Drones in Barcelona - what you need to know

Drones in Barcelona – Toys for (BIG) Boys! Image
Have you been looking for info on drones in Barcelona? Buenos dias beloved SuiteLifers! How's things? Are you ready for some really cool action? Because this blog is all about drones in Barcelona! It will contain all the major providers of renting services for these babies in case you feel adventurous and you are in the mood for some really stunning footage, obviously shot from the sky! It is only logical that the Barcelona skyline is gorgeous, so why not shoot it? If your answer is YES!, now is drones in Barcelona time! Let's quickly see where you can find them.


Drones in Barcelona – Toys for (BIG) Boys! Image


Drones in Barcelona – Toys for (BIG) Boys! Image


Drones in Barcelona – Toys for (BIG) Boys! Image
  • LOCATION:Bolivia 212, Barcelona
  • WEBSITE: http://www.flycamera.es/
  • PHONE: +34 629 60 86 90
  • EMAIL ADDRESS: info@flycamera.es
  • SERVICE LEVEL: Professional - concentrated on the event management and planning industry


Drones in Barcelona – Toys for (BIG) Boys! Image
  • LOCATION: Camp 89, Barcelona
  • WEBSITE: http://www.aeroshots.es/
  • PHONE: + 34 934 171 403 / +34 639 321 927
  • EMAIL ADDRESS: info@aeroshots.es
  • SERVICE LEVEL: Industrial - focused on manufacturing businesses


Drones in Barcelona – Toys for (BIG) Boys! Image


Until the 4th July 2014, the use of any type of drone is Spain use to be completely banned. Right now, these restrictions are a little bit more permissive, but the drones have to abide certain rules. You can find all that legal information by clicking here. But in a nutshell, thanks to our friends at DRONAIR, we've put together a simplified list of rules that you should know if you are considering flying some drones in Barcelona:
  • The drone should have the maximum mass at take-off less than 10 kg
  • Maximum flight height should be below 400 feet
  • Flying drones will require a specific safety study (not general or basic as it is now)
  • Security measure regulations will change in the near future, becoming more rigorous than they are right now
  • Express permission from the specific Government departments specialised  in actions related to filming shows or events will shortly be required.
Hope you enjoyed this blog about drones in Barcelona, till next time, peace out drone aficionados! P.S.: Here's a glimpse on how your recordings will look like after using some drones in Barcelona! Muchisimas gracias, Dragosh (El Dragon)

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