Discover the Work of Joan Miro - One of Barcelona's Most Famous Artists - at the Joan Miro Foundation.

[caption id="attachment_16825" align="aligncenter" width="420"]The Joan Miro Foundation in Barcelona Image
Gold Of Azure by Juan Miro[/caption] The Joan Miro Foundation in Barcelona Image
A cute ET like Sculpture will greet you when you arrive to the Joan Miro Foundation, revealing some of the essence of the work of Miro. Indeed his work is as unique and childlike as this character so don't hesitate to bring all your family. Even kids will enjoy this museum. The Joan Miro Foundation in Barcelona Image
Before going to the Joan Miro Foundation, I didn't really know Miro's work. I saw some of his work in art magazines and books like the Triptyque (the three blue paintings with bursts of color and marks exhibited at the Georges Pompidou center in Paris). However, I didn't know what to expect from this exhibition and I was blown away by it! I just fell in love with all his work with the simplicity of the paintings and the use of the colors.

The Joan Miro Exhibition.

When you go through the exhibition you can see the evolution of his work, the change in the geometry, the color or even the material. At the beginning of the exhibition you can see that for Miro there was an importance placed on the symbolic and the poetic nature of life. He has been classified as a cubist surrealist artist. During his life, he goes through different phases showing influences from Van Gogh to Paul Cezanne. But throughout the chronological exhibition you will understand that Miro's main obsessions were birds, women and stars. The last part of his life was especially dedicated to those three topics. My favorite Miro painting is the "The lark's wing ringed in the blue of gold meets the heart of the poppy asleep on the field studded with diamonds" this one for me is the most romantic. It is quite simple but the choice of the colors and the title reveals everything. [caption id="attachment_16812" align="aligncenter" width="286"]The Joan Miro Foundation in Barcelona Image
"L'Aile de l'alouette encerclée de bleu d'or rejoint le coeur du coquelicot qui dort sur la prairie de diamants"[/caption]

"You are not alone" exhibition.

At the Joan Miro Fondation, there are also some temporary exhibitions. Currently showing is the "You are not alone" exhibition from the 1st of July until the 18th of September. The Joan Miro Foundation in Barcelona Image
The Joan Miro Foundation in Barcelona Image
Even if it is not so present in the media Aids is still here and, of course, a lot of research to fight it is still ongoing. To make people aware of this everyday fight the Joan Miro Fondation welcome the exhibition "You are not alone". "You are not alone" exhibition is here to show the different visions that artists from everywhere in the world can have about Aids. Fourteen artists from Asia, Africa, and America are exhibiting here. It shows you how Aids affects people from different countries, cultures, and lifestyles. This exhibition is sponsored by Fundacion Banc Sabadell. It's the fruit of the collaboration between the Joan Miro Fondation and the ArtAids Fondation thanks to the work of the current FRAC Nord Pas de Calais director; Hilde Teerlinck, and Irene Aristizabal; the assistant curator, with the collaboration of Mr Han Nefkens. After Barcelona, this exhibition will move onto the Museo de Arte Contemporanea de Vigo (MARCO). This museum is one that you can't miss when you visit Barcelona. Miro is one of the most famous and best representatives of Catalan culture, so a visit is highly recommended to discover his work and vision. Don't forget to see the current exhibitions especially the "You are not alone" exhibition. Don't forget that you can visit it with the "Articket". For more information read this blog about the Articket : "Articket Barcelona : Check out 7 great Barcelona museums for one awesome price!" You can get more information about the Joan Miro Foundation at their website "Joan Miro Foundation" -by Kok Natha HEN.

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