Barcelona Nightlife Has Never Been This Crazy!

Barcelona Nightlife : Nonstop Fiestas ! Image
Barcelona nightlife can be really crazy and intense where people party until the next day when the sun comes up again. But if you are looking for the hottest, craziest and most insane Barcelona nightlife activities, stop wasting your time and join Erasmus Barcelona to sign up for SHAZ’s Guest List that gives you great deals on clubbing in Barcelona and even free access to the best clubs in Barcelona. Erasmus Barcelona is Barcelona’s biggest International students community that organizes multiple social activities for exchange students in Barcelona, which also includes the number ONE activity of most students,  Nightlife in Barcelona. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, Erasmus Barcelona provides the opportunity for students to enter the best clubs in Barcelona from Monday to Sunday where you can meet many students with the same interests as you.

Best Clubs in Barcelona with Shaz’s Guest List

Barcelona Nightlife : Nonstop Fiestas ! Image
Barcelona is a culturally enriched city where people enjoy tons of activities during the day, but as the sun goes down, the city transforms into a hub of nonstop partying at the most exotic bars and clubs in town. Whatever the night of the week it is, there’s always something going on when it comes to nightlife in Barcelona. Check below for guaranteed great nights out to the best clubs in Barcelona with SHAZ’s guest list.

Opium Mar

Barcelona Nightlife : Nonstop Fiestas ! Image
One of the best and biggest clubs in Barcelona located at Villa Olimpica area right at the sea shore. The club is known for its awesome terrace on the beach and its huge dance floor. A perfect place for those who love glamor and love to experience a VIP treatment. Several internationally famous DJ’s play here. With its great music and exotic dancers, Opium Mar gives everyone a guaranteed night to remember. Free entrance until 02:00 am with Shaz’s Guest List.


Barcelona Nightlife : Nonstop Fiestas ! Image
The Sutton Club is one of the most fashionable clubs in Barcelona with a huge dance floor. It has designated VIP areas for its premium guests and the club has been visited by internationally known people such as Hollywood actor Nicholas Cage and Brazillian soccer stars Ronaldo and Ronaldinho. The club is situated in a upscale part of the city (Diagonal/Tuset). Free entrance with Shaz’s Guest List until 02:30


Barcelona Nightlife : Nonstop Fiestas ! Image
A popular club with a romantic and comfortable atmosphere with a beautiful terrace which opens towards the beach. Shoko is considered to be one of the best clubs in town by locals and tourists as it has a nice dance floor with great music playing. Free entrance with Shaz’s Guest List until 01:30 am


Barcelona Nightlife : Nonstop Fiestas ! Image
Sotavento is located alongside the beach, with a nice elegant Mediterranean atmosphere. The club has a huge terrace in front of the beach and 2 club areas where different music is played. The club has a nice restaurant where you can taste the specialties from the kitchen. One of the most popular places for university students as the club offers free dinner every once in a while for people on Shaz’s Guest List. Free entrance with Shaz’s Guest List until 02:30 am


Barcelona Nightlife : Nonstop Fiestas ! Image
Catwalk is a stylish club in Barcelona with two different dance floors. Mostly young people between the age of 18 and 25 are attracted to come and party at Catwalk. There are 2 dance floors with different music playing. Dance floor 1: House Dance floor 2: RnB, Hip Hop Free entrance with Shaz’s Gues List until 1:30 am.

Not Tired Yet?

It's guaranteed that plenty more nightlife in Barcelona will follow. So get involved with other exchange students by joining Shaz’s Erasmus Barcelona. To be on the Guest List Form: Barcelona Nightlife : Nonstop Fiestas ! Image
Go to Barcelona Parties, click on parties / fiestas section above, choose a day and which club you want to go, and write your name + the number of friends with you in the Guest List form. Or like their facebook page  ‘’Barcelona Night Life’’ and you will receive invitations for upcoming events. The only thing you have to do here is to click on attending and write your name + No. of friends on event’s wall. - Alper

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