Clubbing in Barcelona: Chasing the Party#3 - RAZZMATAZZ

Clubbing in Barcelona: Chasing the Party#3 – RAZZMATAZZ Image
The search for the best clubs to go clubbing in Barcelona never stops. Two weeks after hitting Sutton, our next stop was something tooooootally different (and better, I might add). The place: Razzmatazz. The promise: "One Club, five rooms". If you're one of those people who loves huge clubs, with different kind of music and people not caring about their appearances, there's no better choice than Razzmatazz! As our 'Chasing the Party' crew is in love with good places to dance the night away and eclectic music, we couldn't stay away from one of the biggest places to party in Barcelona! As usual, the night began at some bar near the party for some pre-drinks, the chosen one this time was Taberna Sonora! The stylish american sports decoration adds to a very good and cozy atmosphere, that is even better when we consider the music: only classic rock n' roll mixed with modern rock! Neither the beer nor the shots were expensive, and it's only 3 minutes walking distance from Razzmatazz! So it was perfect for the warm-up! So, it was around 1am when we left to go the club! The queue wasn't a problem at that time, but people say that if you get there around 2am, you better not mind waiting for a bit. To enter, the usual: Bouncers, ID and tickets. The doormen were ok, they don't check anything but your ID and your mental health, so three important things to remember! Clubbing in Barcelona: Chasing the Party#3 – RAZZMATAZZ Image
1. Don't forget your ID. 2. Don't be so drunk you can't even stand still and talk, they might kick you out.
3. You can wear whatever you want!
Once in, you're at the biggest room. That's the room DJ Amable makes his magic. You'll have a lot of indie-pop, electro-rock and new-wave! The space is very big, full of screens playing crazy images and the audio quality is quite impressive! As this room is where the big concerts happens, the DJ is positioned just like at Apolo on Nasty Mondays; a bit like a rock star, with a big screen behind him and the lights playing with the music. After spending some time there, we started our incredible journey through the endlessly confusing corridors of the old factory style club. As we said before, Razzmatazz has 5 different rooms, each one with a different kind of music. Of course, we checked all of them. But in order not to bore you or make you feel like partying after reading this, here we'll give you just a hint of each room: The Loft - Like hard-techno, dubstep and house? That's the right place for you! Always the best and the newest! Lolita - The word is underground clubbing! Usually the place for the more demanding techno lovers! Pop Bar - What is Pop? 80's hits, indie, R'n'B… Pop is almost everything! Locals and internationals artists come here to make people have fun! Rex Room - You probably won't recognize what is playing there, it's mainly experimental stuff mixing electronic, punk, minimal and anything else they need to create the perfect beat.

Final Considerations

You'll find a bar in every room and won't have any problem in getting your drink fast. No problems with the toilets either - though not very clean, they're pretty big, so you shouldn't have to stand hopping in the queue for ages! So far you've only heard good things, right? But unfortunately, nothing is perfect! Razzmatazz has its problems also. First of all, depending on how old you are, you might find the crowd a little bit young (on fridays, especially). Second, the entry price is very high and the drinks are a bit expensive inside which is why a  reasonable warm-up is necessary. Third, be careful, you might get lost inside, and if happens it isn't that easy to find your friends again - poor Ivo, one of the troopers here, got lost! We only found him an hour and half later.

Practical Info to go clubbing in Barcelona at Razzmatazz

Clubbing in Barcelona: Chasing the Party#3 – RAZZMATAZZ Image
Where? Calle Pamplona 88 - Near metro Bogatell (L4) When? Tuesday to Saturday. Thursday, Friday and Saturday all rooms are open. How much? between 14 and 17 euros, depending on the day of the week. More on Razzmatazz webpage ! See you next party! And always remember: the 'Chasing the Party' crew are all ears - feel free give suggestions and to join us to go clubbing in Barcelona!

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