There's No Clubbing in Barcelona.. Yeah Right

Hey party people, where do you go for clubbing in Barcelona? With the short period of time that I have lived here, I can say that Spanish people don’t need their regular nine hours sleep; instead the lifestyle is keeping people enjoying their lives. That spirit has got into me as well. Many clubs in Barcelona are open each day of the week and there is something for every taste. In this blog I am introducing seven clubs and one bar where tourists and locals find their way for clubbing. Remember there are plenty more to explore (e.g Nasty Mondays). When it is the hottest time of the year in the city why wouldn't you also try the rooftop bars in Barcelona. Many blogs would give you a description of these clubs based on copying info already found on the Internet, but I actually went to experience them. At this point is good to mention that I did my clubbing in Barcelona-tour during the same week to make it more experiential. I had a great time! Though waking up in the morning wasn’t that fun, but what I wouldn’t do for writing a blog..


Opium is a fancy (and touristy) club playing excellent music. Well known DJ’s including Maxwell, Nicky Romero etc. are playing there this summer. You can find more information from Opium's website. As a high standard club there is a dress code and the age minimum is 21 or 23 depending on the night. They also have dancers and a VIP area above the dance area (it costs only 330 euros) plus an outside terrace which is just next to the beach. It is definitely worth of going there especially in the summer. Clubbing in Barcelona: You Must Try ! Image


Clubbing in Barcelona: You Must Try ! Image
Do you like cocktails? Come to Shoko! In this club a bartender uses fresh berries for delicious cocktails. This club has a big dance area, though sometimes it is too crowded so you literally don’t have space to move. Shoko has an outside terrace next to the beach (always a plus) which at daytime is a restaurant seating area. For the entertainment they have dancers (only female, where are the male dancers?), and VIP area for groups. Shoko is known as a club that organises different kind of theme nights. Fancy place for clubbing in Barcelona! Clubbing in Barcelona: You Must Try ! Image


One thing about clubbing in Barcelona is that parties in the club start around 2 am, sometimes at 3 am. If you go there too early you don’t see that many people but as soon as people start to gather to the dance floor, the party is fully on. Catwalk is not an exception. My previous time here was one of the best in Barcelona. People were friendly and the atmosphere was magnificent! While going out, instead of giving a stamp, a man on the door drew a heart to my hand. A bit corny but absolutely sweet! Just to make sure, they play house, funk, soul and R&B which is not everyone’s favourite clubbing music, but if you like it, bring your ass here. Clubbing in Barcelona: You Must Try ! Image


Moog is a small club in the centre, but a bit hidden. It looks mysterious, and I didn't know what to except. It was one of the smallest clubs I’ve seen but also one of the best in Barcelona. The main attraction was the DJ that night. He was brilliant! The DJ in Moog is playing just above the dance floor and you can see him (maybe some nights her) doing tricks with his keyboard. People were dancing as if they were in a trance. Perfect music for clubbing in Barcelona! Clubbing in Barcelona: You Must Try ! Image


Clubbing in Barcelona: You Must Try ! Image
I was actually going to another club while this friendly guy was standing with a stamp in front of me. He offered me free entry with a COMPLIMENTARY DRINK and I thought that’s not a bad deal. This is only for girls so sorry guys; you still have to pay (not a bad business idea while we all know what brings boys to the club). Boulevard is a wicked place with good club music (though it was better on the weekend). Techno is played on the main dance floor, and house in another room. Additionally they have a third dance floor upstairs, but I didn’t spend too much time there. Honestly superb club! Clubbing in Barcelona: You Must Try ! Image


Everyone is talking about Razzmatazz and I expected it to be bigger than the sky in terms of clubbing in Barcelona. Yeah it was a huge place combining three floors, two floors for dancing and one floor between the two for VIP people. Was it really the coolest place in the Barcelona? … Entrances are confusing because they close some gates so to go to a balcony or a dance floor you have to go down and then up from another side. It took me some time to figure out the building and meanwhile it was an exercise climbing between the floors. Bouncers were mostly nice. Especially the one in front of VIP area who agreed with me that la gente en VIP area está muy loca. He was funny! However the bouncer at the entrance door was another story. I stepped out to hear my friend over the phone but coming back wasn’t that easy. Because I stepped out that half a meter, I entered out the club and therefore I should have used another door (with a long queue). Nonsense! With my good negotiation skills I got back in so everything was fine. Overall comment about the club: great music (anyone can dance to it) and terrific atmosphere. People are really having a good time here! Especially the live concert (short one, but still) made people crazy. Would I go there again? Yes, but maybe not this week. Clubbing in Barcelona: You Must Try ! Image

City hall

Nice club, not that big, but it has a brilliant location, just next to Placa Catalunia. I don't have too much to say about it, good club music, beautiful place (especially the outside terrace). Go there! Clubbing in Barcelona: You Must Try ! Image

Living Lounge Bar

Again as it happened already before I wasn’t going to this bar, but then a guy invited me there (he actually walked me to the entrance) and I got curious. I hadn’t heard anything about this bar before but after visiting it I was wondering why. Atmosphere was great! Even the tiny dance floor behind the dj was crowded. Staff was really friendly and sometimes while bringing drinks to the table they were dancing a little. People liked that! That night they were playing R&B and hip hop (in the voucher it says soul and funk so maybe on other nights). Excellent place to have drinks! Clubbing in Barcelona: You Must Try ! Image
Where do you go for clubbing in Barcelona? Let us know!

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