The 24 Hour Shopping store in Barcelona: A Lost Concept

Do I really need a 24 hour shopping store in Barcelona to survive here? ‘You’re in Barcelona! Why are you thinking about Walmart?  Never in my wildest dreams...’ This is my latest self-conversation. You would think I was brought up in a place not at all similar to this, but all of a sudden the concept of stores closing by 9 pm and not opening on a Sunday seem so foreign to me. But it does make perfect sense as it did in Jamaica (10 years ago): how can you go to the beach or enjoy a Sunday stroll with the family if you are at the supermarket… or any other shopping for that matter? And of course you will learn the concept of doing without (improvising) or, meeting your neighbours if you run out of that necessary ingredient. But for those of you who don’t like any of those ideas, especially after you just spent the last 48 hours partying in Barcelona and have no more cash to go to a great restaurant with a terrace, I have taken the liberty of putting it out there. Are you ready? There ARE 24 hour shopping stores in Barcelona! You may have to walk a few blocks but none the less, they do exist! I have to tell you. You should be very grateful for these stores because there are major hurdles to get over here in order to open one of these late night/ 24 Hour shopping stores in Barcelona. The laws of Barcelona do not promote this concept at all, thus there are heavy fees involved. First up on the 24 hour shopping list is Open25. They are the only ones that actually open for the entire 24 hours on Monday and Sunday 365 days a year. Otherwise they open Thursday to Sunday 24 hours and Monday to Wednesday 8:00am to 2:00am. Open25 sells everything you could need to get by until the rest of Barcelona re-opens. Click here for their locations - Open25. [caption id="attachment_18924" align="aligncenter" width="267"]24 Hour Shopping in Barcelona Image
Open25[/caption] Next  on the list are OpenCor and VIPS. They open until 2:00am and have way more than what will get you by. Restaurants, electronics… stuff. What?!? But they aren't open after 2:00am. Seriously, if you are hungry after 2:00am go to bed. :) Ok so really now this will get your mind off Walmart because Walmart does not have 24 hour pharmacies where I am from. This should be your only NEED after 2:00am. So because I care so much :), here are a few 24 Hour pharmacies in Barcelona, addresses and all:
  • Farmacia Torres
Calle Aribau, 62 08011 Barcelona Tel: 934-539-220
  • Farmacia Cervera
Muntaner, 254 (Between Travessera and Diagonal) 08021 Barcelona Tel: 932-000-996
  • Farmacia Bonanova
Plaza Bonanova, 6 08022 Barcelona Tel: 934-178-032 Even though you should be enjoying the Barcelona experience and adhering to their culture of either being asleep or partying after 1:00am, I will throw in a 24 hour copy shop. But as a reader of this blog I hope you will only use it if you need to photocopy travel documents for travel early in the morning. Who needs Kinkos when you have Workcenter! [caption id="attachment_18925" align="aligncenter" width="300"]24 Hour Shopping in Barcelona Image
Workcenter 24 Hour Copying + DHL[/caption] In the end all you really need to know when you think you need a to do 24 hour shopping in Barcelona is that there are two greater options in Barcelona for that time of night ... sleeping and partying! And that's the way it's done in Barcelona. Relax a little and enjoy the ride! Besos Melissa

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