Bookstores in Barcelona: What About English Books?

Bookstores in Barcelona are fantastic, if you speak Spanish or Catalan! Are there any Barcelona bookstores which cater to the English readers? Well young SuiteLifer, we're going to tell you about one of the best little bookstores in Barcelona!

Any Good English Bookstores in Barcelona?

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Hibernian bookstore in Barcelona[/caption] The Hibernian second hand bookstore in Barcelona offers a huge selection of books. You can find both old and new books but what's more importantly is that they are all in English! The Hibernian book shop is definitely one of my favourite bookstores in Barcelona for a few reasons; 1. A wide selection of books in English - This little bookstore offers some 40 000 titles with 30 non fiction sections ranging from biography to Business. I must say from personal experience, the Hibernian bookstore in Gracia is best for fictional books. 2. The best prices in Barcelona - Barcelona bookstores can be very expensive and although other Barcelona book stores such as "Happy Books" offer English books in Barcelona, they are generally very expensive. Hibernian Barcelona bookstore sells second hand books at great prices. Many of the books are around €3-4 which is better than $20-25 you will pay in other bookstores. 3. Hibernian bookstore Barcelona is in Gracia, my (and most people's) favourite area of Barcelona. You can buy your book and then hang out in one of the many cool cafes and bars in Gracia. 4. Hibernian Bookstore Barcelona offers a part-exchange system where you can take your old books and trade them in for something new....or second hand of course. They value the books based on age, condition and whether or not they think anybody will want to buy it. [caption id="attachment_9988" align="alignleft" width="320"]Bookstores in Barcelona for English Readers Image
Hibernian Books Barcelona[/caption]

NB - The Hibernian bookstore Barcelona, do not accept computer manuals, language teaching books older than 5 years, old mass produced books or as in my experience, dictionaries.

The Hibernian Bookstore Barcelona Carrer de Montseny 17 08012 BARCELONA Tel: (+34) 932 174 796 So SuiteLifers, now you know about the best bookstore in Barcelona! Enjoy and take care! BH - SuiteLifer and fellow bookworm.

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