Flea Market Barcelona: Antique and Second Hand Paradise Image

Flea markets in Barcelona are a great place to shop if you are interested in Barcelona antique, art, clothes or in general second hand „stuff“.

We went to see two of the most interesting Barcelona flea markets and although this way of shopping is very cheap, it still left us broke!

El Flea Market Barcelona - “One man’s garbage is another man´s gold”

Flea Market Barcelona: Antique and Second Hand Paradise Image
That´s the main philosophy of the Flea Market Barcelona, which is organized monthly in the streets of Barcelona. The last one that we visited took place on Plaza Blanquerna, just behind the Museu Marítim. The market has an open friendly atmosphere with some nice guitar tunes and people chatting away the afternoon from their little stands with clothes, jewelry, books, LPs, and much more. All the wares must be in good condition and at reasonable prices so I bought 2 bags, 2 scarves and 3 t-shirts, because I just had to have them, and in the end I spent around 10 euros. This place is great for anyone who wants to reduce waste and consumerism, because a longer life is given to products.  Also  Barcelona flea market is perfect for those who love to hang out on the street and buy original pieces that really can't be found anywhere else. Flea Market Barcelona: Antique and Second Hand Paradise Image
You can easily set yourself up as a vendor at the Barcelona flea market as well.  Just contact the organizer, setup your stand and enjoy. There are several reasons to do so, but I liked the story of the boy who sold me the 3 t-shirts for 5 euros. „My girlfriend has so many clothes and there wasn´t any place for me in the wardrobe, so I made her to get rid of some :)” I sent her my best greetings and went home quite satisfied about the deal I made. You will find more info about upcomming markets here www.fleamarketbcn.com.

Largest Barcelona flea market - Mercat dels Encants

Flea Market Barcelona: Antique and Second Hand Paradise Image
If you like this way of shopping, you should visit the best known flea market in Barcelona. It´s just enormous and you can get really everything from Barcelona antique, books, cosmetics, computers to rasty bicycles and used mattresses. You'll see as much variety as London´s Harods, but in more lively, cheaper, and more bohemian way. Mercat dels Encants takes place close to the metro Glories every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., but some of the sellers close their stand around midday, so it´s always better to come in the morning. When I came, the market was literally packed. It was on Saturday at 11 a.m., probably the worst time to go in hindsight. The nice thing is that the merchants are quite motivated so you hear “barato barato” (cheap cheap) or “one euro one euro” a lot. If you go, be prepared to bargain. It´s the way of shopping here.  It´s more than expected and it´s fun too! The prices are usually set about 2-3 times higher than what the merchant will accept, so you better get bargaining quick! I wish you the best deals! Did you manage a real bargain lately? Let us know! Sharka "like the animal"

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