Home Stores in Barcelona: renovation time!

Spring has finally sprung and today we are going to talk about home stores in Barcelona! There are so many of them, for all budgets, so if you've just rented or bought an apartment in Barcelona, or just wanna spice up your current place, this is a great blog to inform you on all the great home furnishing store options you have at your fingertips! Home Stores in Barcelona – renovation time! Image

1. Home on earth

The most exotic of the home stores in Barcelona ! As soon as you get in you'll be surrounded by the serenity as well as the exoticism of the atmosphere. All of their products are hand-made, using organic and sustainable raw materials, and traded fairly. The purpose is to create the least amount of environmental impact possible, and to make their products as natural as possible. They sell decorations for home as well as garden pieces. This is for you if you want your interior to be more green and less industrial, if you care about environment and want to bring exoticism to your life. Where to find them ? Carrer hospital, 76 and carrer boqueria, 14. And if you're looking for more info, check home on earth website. Zen !

Home Stores in Barcelona – renovation time! Image

2. Gal Gallery

This one is not just one of the random home stores in Barcelona, it is actually an antique. So you'll find interesting and unique pieces from all around the world in this very elegant establishment. They have a wide range of style from ethnic to contemporary and there are all types of prices. The clientele is composed of decoration experts (decorators, hotels, restaurants...). This one is made for you if you're looking for a refined and unique interior. The store is located carrer san eusebio, 47.

Home Stores in Barcelona – renovation time! Image

3. Amato Sole

This one is my favorite of all of the home stores in Barcelona. It's all about quality of the material : organic and aged. All of the furnitures are designed and constructed by the owners : Anna Maria Amato and Ramon Sole. They also recycle broken objects to give them a new life. Furthermore they make pieces to order if you have a precise idea of what you want. You'll be charmed by the rustic style of their furnitures. Find them on carrer Perill, 39 on Gracia neighborood. Check more info on Amato Sole Website. Home Stores in Barcelona – renovation time! Image

4. Aliens 4 Sale

For sure, the most contemporary and design oriented of the home stores in Barcelona. Opened very recently (2014) this store is not really typical, but is certainly really interesting if you love art and science fiction. They sell alien sculptures made in every possible material: silicon, resins, latex and so on, crafted by the sculptress Ariadna Canela. This is kind of weird but very interesting if you'd like to have some, well, surprising decorations at home. They are located on Passeig de Sant Joan, 5. You can check their entire collection in Aliens 4 Sale website Home Stores in Barcelona – renovation time! Image

5. Nordic Think

As you can guess with its name, this shop sells Nordic designed objects and decoration for your house. The online store opened in 2010 and the showroom, located next to plaza Tetuan, in 2011. It's a good place to go if you like bright open spaces and contemporary furnishings. You can also shop for your children : they sell toys, lamps and wallpaper for kids. Find the store on carrer Consell de cent, 412 on the neighborhood of Eixample. Learn more on Nordic think website. Home Stores in Barcelona – renovation time! Image

6. Homevice

This one is a little bit different from the other homes stores in Barcelona. Actually it is more like a concept store in which you'll find some gorgeous objects selected by the owners : a Barcelona based interior designer and a Madrid based art director. It's just the top of the top ! It's all contemporary design but not in the way you usually find it : it's not the classic elitist view of contemporary art and design. As a matter of fact you'll find a lot of local designer prototypes at any kind if prices. You'll fall in love I can assure you. They are located on carrer Portal Nou, 5. Find more info on Homevice website. Home Stores in Barcelona – renovation time! Image

7. La Variété

Another original one : the concept of La Variété is to take existant object, furniture, broken or not and transform them, re-imagine them and re-create them to give them a new life, to obtain something really different than it was before. Interesting isn't it ? The inspiration of the owner and designer, the french Ricard Commeleran, is mostly from northern Thailand, where he went to explore nature. You'll find pieces made in wood, colorful bracelets and much more. Find them on carrer Pintor Fortuny, 30, and for more info check La Variété website. Home Stores in Barcelona – renovation time! Image

8. Maisons du Monde

This is one of the most complete home stores in Barcelona. As a matter of fact, you can find pretty much everything, wardrobes, armchairs, TV, bookcases, beautiful furniture, sofas... At the beginning it was meant to promote an exotic style and atmosphere with objects from all around the world (Maisons du monde means Houses of the world in French), but they expanded their style and now offer different styles and inspirations : exotic, romantic, baroque, vintage, classic, contemporary... So basically you should find what you want, no matter what you are looking for. Good to know : they also have an outdoor and a junior collection. Also, you can shop online on their website. There is only one store of this french brand in Barcelona, located on Avenida Diagonal, 405. Looking for more info ? Check Maisons du Monde website. Home Stores in Barcelona – renovation time! Image

9. Zara Home

Of course, we can't not to talk about Zara Home in a blog dedicated to home stores in Barcelona ! The spanish brand Inditex decided to launch a new kind of store in 2003 and the first Zara Home opened in Zaragoza in 2003. Since then, it has been a huge success and there are now more than 400 Zara Home stores all around the world. They offer 4 different styles of decoration : ethnic, contemporary, the "white line" and classic. Their products are very elegant and quite affordable. They provide a wide range of products : tablewear (napkins, bowls, mugs...), lamps, occasional furniture... There are seven Zara Home stores in Barcelona, you can check their exact locations on Zara Home website. Home Stores in Barcelona – renovation time! Image

10. Vinçon

Vinçon is one of the oldest home stores in Barcelona, and they first opened their doors to the public in 1941 on Passeig de Gracia. The first main business of the store was the wholesale of porcelain, fine china and glassware. What they sell is defined by their emblematic quote : "Extensive range of objects of all kinds in general”. The concept of this store is to display the work of artists from varying disciplines and backgrounds. The atmosphere of the store is very unique, they sell contemporary designed objects and furniture in a very classic and old decor, Barcelona's architecture heritage. You'll also find an art gallery in the store : La Sala Vinçon. It is actually really difficult to define the atmosphere of Vinçon, you should go and see for yourself on passeig de Gracia, 96. You'll be falling in love for sure ! Check for more info onVinçon website. Home Stores in Barcelona – renovation time! Image

11. Deko Palace

Of all of the home stores in Barcelona, you won't find a cheaper one than Deko Palace ! This one sells a lot of gadgets and garden stuff such as flowers or fake plants, garden tools and so on. Their clients are mostly professionals : decorators, people who organize events, florists etc.. but you can shop at Deko Palace even if you are a private individual. They are on a spririt to bring new objects all the time, that's why they often offer limited-edition decoration objects. The DekoPalace store in Barcelona is located on Avenida Diagonal, 458. You can check DekoPalace website if you're looking for more info. Home Stores in Barcelona – renovation time! Image

12. Natura

Even though this one is not just about decoration, it provides a quite interesting home collection if you like an uncluttered style. This is for you if you like very classic and elegant furniture, and wood ! Their quote is "Articles to feel good, to share, to have fun, relax..." and you'll understand why when you go to their store. Even looking at their objects is relaxing ! Their mentality is to have a positive attitude and they provide a strong environmental policy, trying to create the least amount of environmental impact. You'll find all kind of prices from very cheap to expensive. Have a look at Natura website to find the closest store from your house ! Home Stores in Barcelona – renovation time! Image
Well guys, I hope my blog was helpful ! Let us know what you thought about those home stores in Barcelona and if you know of any great ones that we haven't mentioned! Mathilde

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