Discover which shops open on Sunday In Barcelona:

Some of you already know this and some don’t, but just to make sure that you aren't surprised: Shops are closed on Sunday. Yes that’s true, besides souvenir shops in the city center and restaurants, cafes, bars, cinemas; supermarkets and other shops are closed. So if your habit is shopping or simply to stuff your fridge with groceries for next week like me, kiss them good bye! But don’t freak-out. For those emergency situations, there are a small number of shops that acquire a special license to open on Sundays and Holidays in Barcelona and we have made a list of them for you.

Groceries store - Supercor expres

Supercor Expres is an express supermarket chain that belongs to El Corte Inglés Group. Here you can find basically everything offered in other stores from food, drinks, kitchen wares, cosmetics, drugstore etc. Opening every day from 8a.m till 2a.m on the next day, also available for home delivery, this good guy will keep your party going! Of course since it is express store, the prices will be slightly higher. Check their website here for shop locations in Barcelona. Shops open on Sunday in Barcelona Image

Shopping mall – Maremagnum

This is an unique shopping complex by the sea, consists of shops, movie theatre, amusement park, and restaurants with great ocean views. Maremagnum has a special license due to its location in the harbor, allowing them to open every day of the year (Shops: 10a.m – 10p.m Restaurants: 11a.m – 1a.m). Shops range from famous fashion brands cosmetics, electronics, sport accessories etc. basically anything you might need. How to get there:
  • By Metro: L3 Drassanes, L4 Barceloneta
  • By Bus: 120, 64, 59, H16, D20, 14, 51, 17, 45, 39, V17, N6, N9, N12, N15
  • By car: there is a 24h parking lot in Maremagnum, Free Parking from 10pm to 3am every day until September 30th
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Shopping mall – Anecblau

If you have a car and want to go shopping on weekends and holidays in Barcelona, then Anecblau is a good choice. The huge 30.000m2 mall is located in Castelldefels, 20km from Barcelona. Beside shops, restaurants and cinemas there is also a stage for shows, exhibitions and special activities in the central concourse of the mall. Opening hours: Shops: All days from 10h - 22h. Leisure and restaurants:
  • From Sunday to Thursday and holidays 9h - 1,30h.
  • Friday, Saturday and holiday eves 9h - 3,30h.
  • Information point: Saturday, Sunday and holiday from 12h to 21h
  • From Sunday to Thursday and holidays 9h - 1,30h.
  • Friday, Saturday and holiday eves 9h - 3,30h.
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24h Pharmacy

Beside grocery stores and shopping centers, these 24h Pharmacy will help a lot in emergency situations. Farmacia Bonanova Plaza Bonanova, 6, 08022 Barcelona Tel: 934-178-032 Farmacia Torres Calle Aribau, 62, 08011 Barcelona Tel: 934-539-220 Farmacia Cervera Muntaner, 254, 08021 Barcelona Tel: 932-000-996 Farmacia Clapés Antoja La Rambla, 98, 08001 Barcelona Tel: +34 934 124 985 Farmacia Lda. Maria Joaquina Laguna C/ Provença 459, 08025 Barcelona Tel: 934 551 207 Farmacia Alvarez Passeig de Gràcia 26, 08007 Barcelona Tel: +34 93 302 1124

Clothes stores during sale season

There are 8 special Sundays and other days a year when shops can independently chose to open. They are normally during summer sales or Christmas shopping season. For example Zara and many other apparel shops open all Sundays during their summer sale in July and August. So if you are desperately want to go shopping my advice is to check the special opening hours on the shops’ own website.

Basar shops

Shops open on Sunday in Barcelona Image
There are also some small, independent shops you will randomly hit on. They usually have the basar/supermercat sign and independently owned. Some of them open on Sunday, too. Is there any shops where missed? Let us know in the comments below, and don't forget to check out our free Barcelona Shopping Bible here peace! T.Vu

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