Barcelona Activities - Never get bored during the Summer

Football in Barcelona is definitely one of the most popular Barcelona activities - The famous team, coached by Josep Guardiola, won the Champions League and National Championship this year and delighted millions of fans all over the world. Unfortunately the season is over - but why don't we go out and play ourselves? Also, there are tons of other Barcelona activities to do! Read on and you won't miss any cool activities in Barcelona.

Barcelona Activities - Football

As already mentioned, more or less everything is about football in Barcelona. What a lot of people don't know is that there's another pretty successful team in Barcelona apart from FC Barcelona called Espanyol Barcelona. They're absolutely crazy about football here and, being a passionate football player myself, the first thing for me to do in Barcelona was to find a spot to play. It can be difficult to find one, especially if you're trying to join a game rather than set one up. After a few hours of research I found this pitch in "Parque Joan Miró" Barcelona Activities – Sports, be active! Image
This pitch is public and accessable for everybody as long as nobody rents it. I went there yesterday and I asked two groups if I could join them. They told me that they rent it every Tuesday at the same time and that I could of course play with them. The surface of the court is pretty slippery but it's still really cool to play there. As the court is surrounded by a high fence, you don't have to hunt for the ball all the time - which is definitely a big plus. Also, they didn't play with a normal size football but with a smaller one which is useful considering the pitch is much smaller than usual. If you are not in the same situation as I am and already have a bunch of buddies around you, you might also want rent this or another pitch. There are plenty of different ones to rent in BCN. Usually it's a 7-a-side pitch but you can also rent the entire football pitch. I never rented one in Barcelona, but this site seems to be good. Let me know if you are planning on renting a pitch. I'm totally in to it ;)

Barcelona Activities - Basketball

Right next to the football pitch in "Parque Miró", there is a basketball court which is the same size as the football pitch. I guess there are a few more courts in Barcelona, but this is definitely a good one. Barcelona Activities – Sports, be active! Image

Barcelona Activities - Water sports

As we already know, Barcelona is surrounded by the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. This means that there are tons of activities to do in the water. If it's sailing, boat trips, swimming or diving Barcelona has everything to offer when it comes to water sports. Nevertheless, one thing is for sure - you have to avoid crowded beaches to really enjoy water sports in BCN.


There are different sailing and boat clubs in Barcelona. They offer a rental service and sailing courses. In order to get all the information concerning courses, races, rentals and local conditions, you should contact the closest marina. Port Masnou Tel: (+34) 935 403 000 Port Olímpic de Barcelona Tel: (+34) 932 259 220 Base Nautica Municipal Av. Litoral s/n (not numbered) Platja Mar Bella Metro:  Poblenou Tel: (+34) 932 210 432

Surfing / Kite Surfing

The lastest in-sport is Kite Surfing. It's pretty hard to learn, but once you get it, it is super fun. Just drive a little further north of Barcelona and you will find perfect conditions for Surfing. Barcelona Activities – Sports, be active! Image


If you want to discover Barcelona under water, seek for old boats or beautiful reefs, you should go diving. I found this professional company which offers everything around diving. Check out their site for further info.

Barcelona Activities - Tennis

Although it's really hot during the summer, a decent tennis match in the evening can be very fun. I found this really informative website, which brings together tennis players in Barcelona who seek for someone to play with. The site is non-profit and organises everything around the match. They offer tennis courts all over Barcelona. Sign up, edit your profile and you will find someone who is in the same situation. Tennis Barcelona: check out there site!

Barcelona Activities - Running

Barcelona is a beautiful city so you can find great places to go running. Sad enough I didn't really get the chance to go running yet.  However, I can think of a lot of places in Barcelona to do so. You can go to the Citaduella Park, Montjuic, or Parc Güell. Simply check out our great blog about where to run in Barcelona and you'll find out everything you need to know.

Barcelona Activities - Biking

Biking in Barcelona can be very fun. To use bicing in Barcelona, you have to be a permanent resident. Anyways, bicing is not really biking and can't be considered as a sport ;) If you want to do real biking, you either buy a bike or simply rent one. The conditions to do biking in Barcelona can't be any better. Being surrounded by mountains, Barcelona has so much to offer for the off-road cyclist. Also, if you don't like the mountains too much, you can go biking through Barcelona which is quite flat. If you aren't familiar with Barcelona and it's surroundings, I'd suggest a guided tour. There are different guided tours, for instance around the Gothic Quarter. Now that you've read this blog, you know everything what there's to do when it comes to sport- activities in Barcelona. I am pretty sure that there are tons of more things to do. You can play golf, go climbing or simply throw frisbee in a park. For now, you should know enough to never end up in front of your computer watching movies with such nice weather outside. What are your favourite Barcelona activities ? Do you know other cool spots to play? Let me know and I'll add them. ~ Alexander Kolb

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