Barcelona sport session: How to find and join a Barcelona Sports Club

Barcelona Sports Club

Barcelona sport session: How to find and join a Barcelona Sports Club Image
Discovering the Barcelona sports scene can be difficult. I want to share my personal experience on how I found the perfect Barcelona sports club to join in just a few days! So why should you join a Barcelona Sports Club? Well, where else can you meet more people and share your common interests with them, than in a sports team, right? Or maybe you just to want to get fit for the summer, so you can show off a well-trained and perfectly shaped body on the Barcelona beach? The first step is to figure out what kind of sport you are in to. Maybe you are already a member of a club in your home town/city and want to continue in a Barcelona sports team? Barcelona offers a great range of different sport activities. For example, there’s the: Barcelona Gaelic football team, Barcelona International Football Club, Circuit de Motocross de Catalunya, Cricket Club, Hockey, Paintball, Palai de Geu de Vielha (Ice rink with two heated swimming pools). Gym and climbing wall, Real Club de Polo de Barcelona, Beach Volleyball Club, Sailing, Rafting, there is even a Ski Resort near the Barcelona airport….

How to find your perfect Barcelona Sports Club

If you are new to Barcelona and haven’t met a lot of people yet who can recommend good Barcelona sport activities, you should start looking on the Internet. The best thing to do is to Google certain sports activities in Barcelona and you should find at least one or two Barcelona sport clubs appear in the search results. There are also different Barcelona sports Facebook groups which you should check out and join. These groups or fan pages keep you up to date on cool sports events in Barcelona. Another way to find a Barcelona sports activity is to watch out for city flyers. You can find a lot of information on flyers and posters throughout the city. Kung fu, or dancing schools for example, often advertise on them.

RollerBlading & Inline Skating in Barcelona

Barcelona sport session: How to find and join a Barcelona Sports Club Image
If you live in Barcelona you may have noticed how many people roller blade. The first time I noticed it I was a bit awestruck. I was walking down Diagonal when out of nowhere came two people on rollerblades with bright reflective jackets. They zoomed past me, into the middle of Diagonal, and literally stopped traffic. About half a minute later came the largest horde of people on rollerblades that I’ve ever seen. Over a hundred people easy. People of all ages, shapes, sizes, and skill levels came roaring through the intersection, and as fast as they came into my life, they disappeared. A little more investigation and I found the APB (Associació de Patinadors de Barcelona), or the Skaters Association of Barcelona. They have a very informative website ( . Their “Friday Night Skate” is their most popular event and it sure looks like fun! SuiteLife will be participating soon in the Barcelona club’s activites and will soon be reporting more in depth. Tell us more about your sport activities in Barcelona? Can you recommend a great Barcelona sports club or gym? Or are you looking for a Barcelona sports team or great gym to join? Just let us know! Miriam

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