Barcelona Tennis - Where to play Tennis in BCN?

We recently blogged about sports in Barcelona. Barcelona offers all kind of sports one could imagine doing during the summer. Barcelona tennis is probably one of the most popular ones. Although tennis can't keep up with the popularity of football in Barcelona, Spanish people passionately support one of the best tennis players on earth- Rafael Nadal. Furthermore, to play tennis in Barcelona is for sure one of the most common leisure activities.

Where to Play Tennis in Barcelona?

Barcelona is home to a lot of tennis and sports clubs. Since I haven't been to any of them, I did some careful research and I'm gonna point out the best ones.

CEM Can Caralleu

Above all, one sports club amazed me. It's called CEM Can Caralleu and is located on C/ Esports, 2-8. Beside tennis, they offer all kind of sport activites. The memberships are very variable. Tennis courses are held either in groups of 4 people or individually. In addition to the courses, you have tournaments from October to June. If you don't want to be a member, you can just go there and book a court for an hour or so. The quality of the courts is aweseome. Unfortunately, their website is only avaibale in catalan, but I used Google Translator and it worked out perfectly ;). Barcelona Tennis – Where to play Tennis in BCN? Image

Club de Tenis y Pádel / Olímpia Centro Deportivo

Another cool tennis club is located on C/ Perú, 215 in Sant Marti. It's a club that specialises in tennis and the Spanish "tennis" - padél. A membership is not required at all. Just go there and rent a court with 1 or more friends. Rackets and tennis balls are rented at club house. They have 3 padél courts, four clay courts, 3 grass courts, changing rooms for men and women. Once, you are done with the match, the losers  treat the winner to a cold drink in the cafe which also belongs to the club property. The staff speaks English, Spanish and Catalan. The opening hours are pretty uncommon if you compare them to the usual ones in Spain. The club is open from 8am until 11pm during the week. During the weekends they are open until 9 on Saturdays and 7 on Sundays and holidays. Barcelona Tennis – Where to play Tennis in BCN? Image

Real Club de Tenis de Barcelona

Real Club de Tenis de Barcelona is the best and most traditional private Tennis Club in Barcelona. If you are a professional player, or have the talent to become one, this is the club to enter. Right now, Raphael Nadal is a member of Real Club de Tenis de Barcelona. Also, the top female player, Nuria Llagostera, has a membership. In addition to practice and regularly championships, Real Club de Tenis de Barcelona offers a professional tennis school called "Tennis rCTB". Check out their website for further info. Barcelona Tennis – Where to play Tennis in BCN? Image

Find a partner!

Although it’s really hot during the summer, a decent tennis match in the evening can be a lot of fun. I found this really informative website, which brings together tennis players in Barcelona who look for someone to play with. The site is non-profit and organises everything around the match. They offer tennis courts all over Barcelona. Sign up, edit your profile and you will find someone who is in the same situation. Tennis Barcelona: check out their site! Now that you have read this blog about tennis, you have all the information you need about playing tennis in BCN. Surely, there are several clubs and courts to rent. If you know a court/club, which you think has to be mentioned as well, please let us know and we'll add them. For now, enjoy your partido. Best, Alex

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