Cycling in Barcelona - introduction to Bicing BCN transport system!

Cycling in Barcelona – intro to Bicing BCN transport system! Image

Cycling in Barcelona

Compared to many European cities, theBarcelona transport services offer excellent value. A variety of fun, cheap and fast ways to navigate the city are easily accessible. Without doubt my favourite way of getting around the city is cycling in Barcelona. The sun on your back, the wind in your hair and the hustle and bustle of city life to keep you entertained along the way.
When I first arrived in August 2009, I would spend hours cycling around the different areas of Barcelona, discovering exciting neighbourhoods and generally just getting lost in the city. However, like I always say “When you don'’t know where you'’re going, any road will take you there” and I still believe it’s the best way to see Barcelona!

What is Bicing?

The cheapest and perhaps the most user friendly option with regards to cycling in Barcelona is to use “Bicing”, which is a “community bicycle program” allowing users to travel around Barcelona in an easy, cheap and environmentally friendly manner. As with all the Barcelona transport systems, there are good and bad points but fear not as SuiteLife is here to tell you all you need to know.
Put simply, in order to do cycling in Barcelona, Bicing Barcelona offers residents of Barcelona (for a small annual fee of €47.16) access to 6000 bicycles throughout the city. The bikes are docked at around 400 Bicing stations situated all over the city so you are never far from the network. At roughly 12 cents per day for a full years membership, you can see why this is such a popular transport option in BCN.
Cycling in Barcelona – intro to Bicing BCN transport system! Image

The Good

For fitness fanatics in Barcelona, the associated health benefits of cycling in Barcelona to work and quickly getting around town are amazing. You certainly won’t get as good a work out if you use the Barcelona bus or metro services. For environmentally conscious Barcelonians, I’'m sure you would agree that the use of pedal power has never ending advantages for the environment as a whole.

The Bad

When you take a Bicing bike from a station for some cycling in Barcelona, you have the first 30 minutes at zero cost (it’s included in your yearly membership). However, after the first 30 minutes, you have to pay 43 cents for every 30 minutes you use. After two hours, you will be charged €2.59 an hour. This may seem a little expensive, but when you consider that you can cycle from one end of the city to the other in about 30 minutes, you will realise that its a price you will rarely need to pay.

The Ugly

Be careful when returning your Bicing bike at the docking station. If the light does not turn “red” it is not properly locked to the station. This means somebody (and this does happen) can take your bike off the station and go cycling in Barcelona nicely and leisurely around the city at your expense, which at €2.59 an hour can get pricey!
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The best way to see Barcelona[/caption]

Step by step guide on How to use Bicing Barcelona

To use Bicing for cycling in Barcelona, you will need a Barcelona address and a credit or debit card.
1. Go to Bicing Website in order to fill the application.
2. Once you have completed the application form, you will receive a confirmation email and about ten days later, your Bicing card will arrive in the post.
3. Once you have your Bicing card, log back into the website and register the card.
4. You can now use Bicing!!!
5. Find a Bicing station and swipe your card at the end of the station.
6. A number will appear which tells you which bike you can use.
7. You will notice the lights that are normally red, will turn to green, this shows that the bike is available and ready to take.
8. Enjoy your healthy, environmentally friendly journey through the city.
9. Return the Bicing bike to a station within 30 minutes (unless you don’t mind paying the extra for more time).
10. Click the bike into the station and wait for light to turn red.
All in all, a great service at minimum cost. SWEET!
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