FC Barcelona: How to Plan, Organise and watch a Barcelona Match

FC Barcelona: How to Plan, Organise and watch a Barcelona Match Image

How to fully enjoy Barcelona Match (Soccer, Basketball, Handball and Hockey)

Barcelona is famous for its sports teams and has, like some people say, the best soccer team in the world.  Barcelona Sports Clubs have a long history and have existed for over 100 years.  You can find all sorts of sports teams but the most famous Barcelona sports teams besides FC Barça are : The Regal FC Barcelona Basketball team , the FC Barcelona Borges Handball team, the FC Barcelona Sorli Discau Hockey Teamand the FC Barcelona Indoor football Team (Futsal) There are also other sports teams like rugby, baseball, beach volleyball and wheelchair basketball, which you can easily watch or join in on the fun. If you want to prepare yourself for the game and get all dressed up in your favourite team’s paraphernalia you can order a lot off articles online or go to the big Barca store above placa catalunya, which provide a big choice of fan souvenirs (not very cheap though mind you).

FC Barcelona: How to Plan, Organise and watch a Barcelona Match Image
There is a great choice of barcelona games every week during the season, and ticket prices vary depending on  the league and stadium/hall seats. I recommend buying FC Barcelona tickets for soccer and basketball games directly online with a credit card because this is the easiest and fastest way.  Online you also can choose your exact seat and you can also check availability of tickets. Soccer tickets vary from 31€ - 100€. Basketball tickets from 20€- 50€.

FC Barcelona ticket offices

In Tourist Information offices in Barcelona (in FNAC and Carrefour shops as well) you can buy football tickets, if ordering online is not your thing. If you don’t have a credit or debit card then don’t forget to bring enough cash for the tickets, because they are quite particular with what cards they do and don’t accept.  One time, when I went to the FNAC ticket selling counter at Placa Catalunya, I had to run to the cash machine, because they didn’t take any of the cards I had.

FC Barcelona: How to Plan, Organise and watch a Barcelona Match Image
Also I don’t recommend going to the ticket selling place in FNAC during the week after 7 pm because the queues are never-ending and you might end up waiting for more than half an hour. Check this overview about office locations and opening hours. How to get to Camp Nou for a football and Palau Blaugrana for a basketball match, check the fcbarcelona map  If you have any further questions on games or tickets you can call for more information 902 1899 00 or  +34 93 496 36 00 (if calling from outside Spain) For more news updates you can follow FcBarcelona on twitter or facebook. Enjoy and leave comments! Miriam

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