Low Cost Gyms in Barcelona: Summer is coming!

This year you can be the hottest chick on the beach, you just need to discover the low cost gyms in Barcelona! Every spring we face the same problem: sunny days are coming, the beach is not far, we're on the hunt for the perfect swimsuit... BUT we gained a little weight during the winter and fancy gyms are way too expensive. Not anymore ! The new trend of lowcost has reached gyms in Barcelona, and you can now workout on the cheap. I've chosen four low cost gyms in Barcelona for you to help you out. It's shaping up to be a hot summer! Low Cost Gyms in Barcelona – be beach-body ready! Image

Simply Gym

My first suggestion for low cost gyms in Barcelona is Simply Gym. It is located on Carrer de Buenaventura Munoz, 64  and is a huge 2000m² open everyday. During the week it is opened from 9:30 to 15:30 and from 17:30 to 21:30, so you can go before or after work. You can ask for the advice of a personal trainer, participate in group exercises or you can train by yourself with all the amenities that you can expect from a gym club. If you want to join the club without any commitment it'll cost you 29.90€ a month, but you'll pay 9.9€ the first month and 19.9€ the next 11 months if you choose the 12 months commitment. There is a registration fee of 25€ and the card partner costs 15€. For more info check Simply Gym website. Low Cost Gyms in Barcelona – be beach-body ready! Image


Another really good low cost gym in Barcelona is Duetfit. There are two centres in Barcelona, one that just opened last month on Via Augusta, 17 and another one, a little older, on Calle Bruc, 49. The two of them offer personal trainer advice, and group exercises as well as a wide range of amenities to workout properly. They are also opened until 21:30, and most of the group classes are scheduled during the evening so that people who work can participate. The price is 29.9€ a month with a registration fee of 12.5€. You can pay all at the beginning or give the club an extract of your bank account and let them take 29.9€ every month, it's up to you. See the Duetfit website for more information. Low Cost Gyms in Barcelona – be beach-body ready! Image


This is one of the cheapest low cost gyms in Barcelona, located on Calle Mallorca, 318 (metro Diagonal). There are 1700m² of amenities, more than 200 training machines and you can take advice from nutritionists or dieticians. There are also a lot of Altafits all around Spain so if you're reading us from Madrid, Alicante, Sevilla... you should check if there is one near you! The prices are 26.5€ a month if you don't make any long term commitment and 24.08€ a month if you commit for a quarter or a year. Worth it guys! Check Altafit website.

Low Cost Gyms in Barcelona – be beach-body ready! Image

Viva Gym

Finally my last proposition for low cost gyms in Barcelona is Viva Gym. If you work crazy hours this is for sure the best gym for you : they are opened from 6:00 to midnight all week and from 08:00 to 21:00 on the weekends. They offer more than 150 different group exercises and they have a parking area - pretty rare for a gym club. The prices start at 20€ and go up to 30€ a month depending on the commitment. Don't hesitate anymore they have everything you need and more, check Viva Gym website ! Low Cost Gyms in Barcelona – be beach-body ready! Image
If you're not convinced yet, here is my final argument : Low Cost Gyms in Barcelona – be beach-body ready! Image
YES, this could be you this summer with a little bit of motivation ! Share with us your workouts experience and results ! Mathilde

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